New Version of Gossip Machine Available at

I’ve made v2 of Gossip Machine and it’s about 1000% better! I made the first version of Gossip Machine last summer. It uses Wikipedia pageview data to find days when Wikipedia articles got especially busy traffic. Those dates are then turned into single-day Google searches. This version analyzes only a month of page views at a time. For each day it generates a z-score. Z-scores above 1 are filtered and presented in order of Z-score, with a red bar indicating how busy the page was compared to the mean for the month.   As with all the Gizmos, it’s free and there are no ads except for a Patreon banner.

ScienceDaily: Boosting the popularity of social media posts

ScienceDaily: Boosting the popularity of social media posts. “Computer scientists created a new algorithm to recommend tags for social media posts which should boost the popularity of the post in question. This algorithm takes into account more kinds of information than previous algorithms with a similar goal. The result is a measurably improved view count for posts which use the tags recommended by this new algorithm.”