Microsoft Open-Sources Visual Studio Code

Microsoft has open-sourced its Visual Studio Code. “Visual Studio Code is a cross-platform web and cloud development code editor available not just for Windows, but for Mac and Linux, too. On stage today, Microsoft open-sourced the tool by releasing its code on GitHub, and announced that it is taking contributions from the community.”

Quartz to Open-Source Two Mapping Tools

Quartz is going to open-source two of its mapping tools. “News outlet Quartz is developing a searchable database of compiled map data from all over the world, and a tool to help journalists visualise this data. The database, called Mapquery, received $35,000 (£22,900) from the Knight Foundation Prototype Fund on 3 November.”

REI Open-Sources Its GovDashboard Tool

REI has open-sourced its GovDashboard tool (PRESS RELEASE). “REI built GovDashboard to incorporate the strongest features of public sector transparency dashboards commissioned by the U.S. Federal Government such as and Popular features include a user-friendly interface, a dozen standard ways to visualize data, dashboard building, and customization tools that can incorporate data tables and visualizations, text, photos, and other objects, with content updated as frequently as data sources change.”

Parse Open-Sources Its SDKs

Facebook’s company, Parse, has open-sourced all its SDKs. “Parse, the backend platform for apps Facebook acquired back in 2013, today announced that it will open source all of its software development kits (SDKs). The Parse SDKs for iOS, Android and OS X are available on GitHub now, and the service’s other SDKs for the likes of Windows Phone, JavaScript, Xamarin and React will follow soon.”

Ubuntu Open-Sources Part of Ubuntu One

Ubuntu has open-sourced part of its cloud storage service. “Canonical gave up on operating its Ubuntu One cloud storage service more than a year ago, but this week it released the system’s file-syncing code under an open source AGPLv3 license. Though Canonical is primarily known for its open source Ubuntu operating system, it also has some closed source products and services, including Ubuntu One.”

Georgia State University Library Releases WP Plugin as Open Source

The Georgia State University Library has released a WordPress plugin as open source. “As part of its commitment to the free culture movement, Georgia State University Library is pleased to announce the initial release of the AfterEM plugin. AfterEM extends the Events Manager WordPress plugin to provide follow-up emails after an event has occurred. This additional functionality allows event organizers to gather feedback, request follow-up actions, and encourage participation in future events.”

New Tool Helps Archivists Handle E-Mail Archives

A new tool helps archivists handle e-mail archives. “Springboarding off Muse, a team at Stanford Libraries developed an open-source software program to manage email archives. After feedback from colleagues at other institutions, they released the free package, called ePADD, this month. The software can search emails with queries ranging from a single word to an entire manuscript. It can point out connections and networks among correspondents.”