New York Times: I’m 87, Triple Vaxxed and Living My Life Again

New York Times: I’m 87, Triple Vaxxed and Living My Life Again. “Life expectancy is just six years at my age. I want to spend my remaining time traveling, going to parties with friends and seeing all my far-flung grandchildren. I’m overjoyed that my retirement community has reopened. The dining room serves meals again, and I’ve joined both a dance and a tai chi class. I want to enjoy it all now. Time speeds up as you age. One 90-year-old friend put it this way: ‘What do I have to lose?’ Those of us in our 80s and older are used to having death for a neighbor.”

Slate: Google Needs to Defund Misinformation

Slate: Google Needs to Defund Misinformation. “This content moderation problem is not unique to Facebook; it plagues all the large social media platforms. However, at least with misinformation, the recent focus on content moderation is distracting us from something important: In addition to detecting misinformation on social media, A.I. can be a tool for defunding misinformation so it doesn’t spread on social media in the first place. But it’s not being used for this second purpose nearly as effectively as it could be.”

The Atlantic: You Should Get a Booster Now

The Atlantic: You Should Get a Booster Now. “So far, official U.S. policy has restricted boosters to the medically vulnerable and those at high risk of exposure to the coronavirus. But in light of new evidence, the CDC should expand its recommendations to include all adults six months after vaccination. The evidence is so compelling that several states, including Colorado and California, as well as cities such as New York are advising adults to ignore CDC restrictions and get a booster.”

Michigan Daily: Cancel your inner micro-celebrity

Michigan Daily: Cancel your inner micro-celebrity. “I’m not trying to bash TikTok or any other form of social media. In fact, I think that TikTok is an amazing way to connect people across distance, socioeconomic status and more. It has also proved to be a vehicle for activism during the pandemic and has led to protests against racial and gender inequality, economic blackouts and creators of color being given a platform to speak about their experiences with racial injustice. However, TikTok offers a gamble that, if played correctly, can lead to an invitation to the Met Gala. It democratizes fame, keeping it just out of everyone’s grasp; the fruit that our inner Tantalus can never have.”

WIRED: Want More Accurate Polls? Maybe Ask Twitter

WIRED: Want More Accurate Polls? Maybe Ask Twitter. “Traditional polling methods aren’t working the way they used to. Upstart analytics firms like Civis and conventional pollsters like PPP, Ipsos, and Pew Research Institute have all been hunting for new, more data-centric ways to uncover the will of the whole public, rather than just the tiny slice willing to answer a random call on their landline. The trending solution is to incorporate data mined from the Internet, especially from social media. It’s a crucial, overdue shift. Even though the Internet is a cesspool of trolls, it’s also where millions of Americans go to express opinions that pollsters might not even think to ask about.”