The Morning Journal: Palestinian leader curbs social media expression in decree

The Morning Journal: Palestinian leader curbs social media expression in decree. “Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has clamped down on social media and news websites — the main outlets for debate and dissent in the West Bank — with a vaguely worded decree that critics say allows his government to jail anyone on charges of harming ‘national unity’ or the ‘social fabric.'”

Facebook Accused of Censoring Palestinian Journalists

Meanwhile, Facebook is being accused of censoring Palestinian journalists. “Facebook has apologized for disabling the personal accounts of several editors and executives at two major Palestinian news publications, according to a report from The Electronic Intifada. Facebook says the accounts were mistakenly suspended after being reported for violating the site’s community standards, but the publications believe the incident is related to Israel’s recent push to combat online incitement to violence.”

Israeli Rights Group Suing Facebook Over Violence

An Israeli rights group is suing Facebook for $1 billion over Palestinian violence. “The Shurat Hadin group is claiming the social network provides militant groups with a platform for spreading violence. It says it’s filing the suit in a New York court on Monday. The victims cited in the suit were all American.”