Paramount Adds More Free Movies to “Vault”

Paramount has added some more content to its free movies “vault” on YouTube. “The geographical constraint [US-only] still holds, at least for now, but the Paramount Vault people have kept at work filling it with movies. Most recently, they’ve added a selection of classic films originally put out by ‘B-movie’ house Republic Pictures, the independent production and distribution company which specialized in crime pictures, Westerns, and other fast-moving genre pieces to which audiences of the mid-1930s to late 1950s thrilled.”

Paramount Puts Movie Vault on YouTube

New-to-Me: Paramount has created a YouTube channel with 100 of its movies viewable for free (US-only, apparently – sorry). You won’t find the latest-and-greatest here, but there are plenty of fun choices, including the classic The Devil and Miss Jones staring the wonderful Charles Coburn and the also-wonderful Jean Arthur. (And then Spring Byington almost steals the whole thing.) Note that there is another movie called THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES which is completely different from THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES and please don’t forget which is which when you’re doing a Google search or your eyeballs may fall out.