British Columbia Government Creates Online Map of Available Childcare

The government of British Columbia (Canada) has launched a online map to show daycare vacancies. “The new online child care map provides parents with a look at what facilities and programs are available in their cities. The map, which cost about $150,00 to create, also shows whether there are vacancies at any of the 4,000 licensed daycares across B.C., and what level of training staff at each daycare has.”

Research: New Mothers and Facebook Postings

What kind of new moms post the most to Facebook? “The study looked at a specific group of moms – highly educated, mostly married Midwestern women who had full-time jobs – and found that those who felt societal pressure to be perfect moms and who identified most strongly with their motherhood role posted more frequently than others to Facebook. These same mothers who posted most frequently also reported stronger emotional reactions to comments on the photos they posted of their new baby – such as feeling bad if they didn’t get enough positive comments.”