The Hindu: Unboxing dancers on Instagram

The Hindu: Unboxing dancers on Instagram. “With venues closed for the foreseeable future due to the ongoing pandemic, dancers are looking for alternate stages. In Boxed, an online series curated by Chennai-based veteran dancer Anita Ratnam, they find the freedom to choose where they would like to dance. Even if it is a bathtub, a kitchen or a flight of stairs.”

Can’t Stop the Comedy: Performers Adapt to COVID-19 (WTTW)

WTTW: Can’t Stop the Comedy: Performers Adapt to COVID-19. “It’s said laughter is the best medicine, and while that might not be part of the CDC’s official guidelines, comedians everywhere are reaching out to audiences online, hoping for a little healing, some connection and a lot of laughter. The Second City, whose stages are as dark as any in town, is doing its part to light up the internet three nights a week with ‘Improv House Party.’ Anneliese Toft co-directs Thursday night’s offering, ‘Helter Shelter.’ The 45-minute show is an interactive Zoom spectacular.”

American Theatre: 3Views Debuts Digital Archive

American Theatre: 3Views Debuts Digital Archive. “3Views was initially intended as a mission-driven journal, to not only broaden the scope of theatre-related writing, but to provide three diverse perspectives on one piece of theatre at a time. With a slew of significant names on deck⁠—Alison Bechdel, Cassie da Costa, Alexander Chee, Eve Ensler, Roxane Gay, John Guare, Jessica Hagedorn, John Lahr, Paul Muldoon, Cynthia Nixon, Mary Louise Parker, Claudia Rankine, James Shapiro, Kathryn Schulz, Zadie Smith, Wally Shawn, Alisa Solomon, Gloria Steinem and Monique Truong⁠—the publication was prepared to launch this spring. However, with theatres now closed and no productions to review, 3Views has shifted its purpose to that of a virtual space where theatre can re-emerge online. Each week, the site will feature three canceled productions; viewers will be able to read script excerpts and production history, watch videos, browse photos, explore designs, and more.”

WyoFile: As COVID-19 closed Wyo venues, artists migrated online

WyoFile: As COVID-19 closed Wyo venues, artists migrated online. “Arts — be it live performances, museum exhibits or theater shows — were among the first casualties of the COVID-19 outbreak as venues across Wyoming and the world abruptly shuttered. As the pandemic shut down bars and galleries, however, artists moved online. Wyoming artists and venues are no different, and have been offering a wide range of opportunities for viewers to enjoy music, painting and more via their devices. Here is a rundown of some of the online ways to see — or support — what Equality State artists are up to.”

Apartment Therapy: You Can Now Stream Classical Opera and Ballet Performances For Free

Apartment Therapy: You Can Now Stream Classical Opera and Ballet Performances For Free. “The classical arts bring history and culture into lives around the globe. But you don’t have to wait for the theater doors to reopen in order to reap the benefits: Stingray Classica is offering one month of on-demand and live performances that can be streamed for free (no dress code required!). The Canada-based TV channel has opened up their digital library for everyone to enjoy for a month free of charge. Stingray Classica features orchestral performances, operas, ballets, and music documentaries from all over the globe, ranging in genres for every type of performing arts lover. ”

ABC 6: New initiatives aim to support Rhode Island arts community

ABC 6: New initiatives aim to support Rhode Island arts community. “With the galleries, concert venues, museums, and theaters shut down, artists have lost their livelihoods overnight. That’s why the Artist Relief Fund, supported by several organizations, has been a lifesaver for people like Magnolia Perez, a bilingual actress, teaching artist, and mother of three.”

Thrillist: The Best Boston Art Experiences You Can Enjoy From Home

Thrillist: The Best Boston Art Experiences You Can Enjoy From Home. “What is this, Week 47? And If you’re anything like us, your daily screen time has gone up approximately 786% since the staying-in started. And yet, not all streaming is made alike. For every half-baked sitcom reunion, there’s a local virtual art experience that reminds you why Boston is the cultural epicenter of New England. From online museum tours to virtual film screenings to archival dance performances, here’s a rundown of some local content to feed your soul.”