Genealogy’s Star: The Ethics of Photo Restoration

Genealogy’s Star: The Ethics of Photo Restoration. “When we modify an old photograph to ‘repair’ the damage of age or to “mend” the scratches we are changing history. A photograph is a historical artifact and should be conserved but not changed. Since I took the photo and I am not trying to represent that it is accurate in any way, am I justified in altering the original for my own purposes? I am not representing that the edited photo is in any way ‘reality.’ I am can change the photo any way I want to. I would suggest that in today’s world, virtually 100% of all the published photos you see have been manipulated in Photoshop or a similar program. Does this view of “artistic license” extend to historical photos? I think not. “

Lord & Taylor Settles With FTC Over Instagram Ads

Lord & Taylor has settled with the FTC over deceptive Instagram practices. “The complaint alleges that Lord & Taylor placed a Lord & Taylor-edited paid article in Nylon, a pop culture and fashion publication. Nylon also posted a photo of the retailer’s Design Lab Paisley Asymmetrical Dress on Nylon’s Instagram site, along with a caption that Lord & Taylor had reviewed and approved. The Instagram post and article gave no indication to consumers that they were paid advertising placed by Lord & Taylor.”

Doncaster (England) to Get New Photo Archive

In development: A new online archive for historic images of Doncaster, in England. “Doncaster Council has received funding to make the work of important local photographer Luke Bagshaw available to the public. … The Museum and the Local Studies Library together care for around 15,000 of his photographs, mostly of local people…”