Wired: Pinterest’s New Feature Takes The Algorithm Out Of Your Feed

Wired: Pinterest’s New Feature Takes The Algorithm Out Of Your Feed. “The beauty of a site like Pinterest lies in how little you have to do to use it. Choose a few things you’re interested in—vegan food, knitting, travel—then kick back and enjoy scrolling through algorithmically generated collections of images…. But sometimes, you want to see what you signed up to see, and not what the machines think you might like. So today, Pinterest is introducing a new feed populated only by the people and boards you follow.”

Venture Beat: Pinterest now lets you archive your boards and rearrange pins

Venture Beat: Pinterest now lets you archive your boards and rearrange pins. “Pinterest has announced a slew of new tools designed to help users organize their pins and boards. First up, a new archiving option lets you file a board away for posterity without having to delete it. This particular feature serves a number of purposes — for example, you may wish to revisit an old board you’ve created if it pertains to a meaningful life event, such as a birth or a wedding, but you don’t want it cluttering up your main dashboard.”

Fast Co Design: Pinterest Sees The Future

Fast Co Design: Pinterest Sees The Future. “It all started 16 months ago with an avocado. (This is California, after all.) This particular avocado was set on a boardroom table in Pinterest’s San Francisco headquarters. Surrounded by half a dozen colleagues, Albert Pereta approached the fruit and carefully aimed his phone. The creative director from Pinterest was testing the company’s latest invention, a feature called Lens, which–if it performed correctly–would not only identify the fruit but also search through billions of photos that had been uploaded to the service for the past seven years to find similar images.”

TechCrunch: Pinterest integrates deeper with Facebook with a new bot and messenger extension

TechCrunch: Pinterest integrates deeper with Facebook with a new bot and messenger extension. “As Pinterest looks to further expand beyond just the audience you’d expect to use it, it’s going to have to start chasing down users and meet them on different territories — and that includes messaging apps. So today Pinterest is launching a pair of updates that is going to help it tap into that audience of people that are sharing content on Facebook Messenger. People might already be copying links to Pinterest and pasting them in Messenger, but the company is looking to make that a little more seamless to get to the point where you can go into Messenger and be able to regularly interact with Pinterest.”

Hapgood: Digital Polarization on Pinterest Is Scary Aggressive

Thanks to Cogdog for pointing me to this blog post at Hapgood, because it is wild: Digital Polarization on Pinterest Is Scary Aggressive. “The speed with which Pinterest radicalizes your feed with conspiracy-based disinfo is shocking. I speed up this video by 400% but the entire process takes less than 13 minutes I think. Here’s the final frame.” The meat of the article is a video that lasts less than 3 minutes.

AncestorNews: How to Pinterest Your Genealogy

AncestorNews: How to Pinterest Your Genealogy. “Not long ago I started a Pinterest board about my dad and another about the Lone Jack Missouri cemetery. Although I’ve been using Pinterest a long time (genealogyteach) it’s only recently that I’ve really crafted a game plan for sharing my genealogy research on Pinterest. Right now, my dad’s board is sparse as is the cemetery board, but I’ve been working on creating a ‘blueprint’ for how to best share genealogy research, findings, and family information by pinning. For example, I just created a section for dad’s board on his World War II experience. Today there are only a few pins, but it’s in progress.” Interesting ideas!

TechCrunch: Pinterest rolls out its own version of QR codes

TechCrunch: Pinterest rolls out its own version of QR codes. “If you are walking around a retailer, you might have seen a sign or something along those lines posted to check out its Pinterest account for additional content or products — but there was not really a seamless way to get to that account without a lot of tapping around. Taking a cue from some of the prevalence of QR codes around the world, like China, Pinterest said today that it is rolling out its own variation of QR codes for retailers and brands.”