New York Magazine: Save the Trash! Why the Gawker Archive Is Important

New York Magazine: Save the Trash! Why the Gawker Archive Is Important. “The early content of Gawker, in particular, is of real significance in the history of journalism. Elizabeth Spiers, in the site’s first days, and Choire Sicha, soon thereafter, all but invented the bloggy, voice-y approach to online writing that now dominates the web. Many of us try to do that sort of work in a more generous or kinder way; many of us do not have the appetite for blood that Gawker did. But whether you like it or not, or mimic it or not, what they did changed the way things are done. For that alone, it is (and will be) worth study, and is thus worth preserving.”

The Verge: I lost my favorite YouTube channel because I trusted the internet to keep track of it

The Verge: I lost my favorite YouTube channel because I trusted the internet to keep track of it. Putting aside the fact that YouTube’s search engine is just awful and the site itself has unbelievable amounts of spam, Lizzie Plaugic makes some good points. “…what these sites don’t account for is the ease with which the things we love can be lost within them. In the past, we came in contact with so few things that they could be uncovered with research and patience. Now, while everything is technically more searchable than ever before, the things we love are more likely than ever to be ‘lost.’”

Hip-Hop Mixtapes In the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has added a bunch of hip-hop mixtapes. “The Internet Archive has been growing an interesting sub-collection of music for the past few months: Hip-Hop Mixtapes. The resulting collection still has a way to go before it’s anywhere near what is out there (limited by bandwidth and a few other technical factors), but now that it’s past 150 solid days of music on there, it’s quite enough to browse and ‘get the idea’, should you be so inclined.” Note that this is hip-hop. That means there’s probably bad language. Not for kids.

Futurama Gets Database of Screenshots and Quotes

Remember that database of Simpsons screenshots and quotes? Now there’s one for Futurama. “Morbotron allows fans of Futurama to search for screenshots and generate gifs based on quotes from their favourite show. It’s by the same team behind Frinkiac (Paul Kehrer, Sean Schulte and Allie Young), and they’ve put 861,414 frames from 124 episodes and four movies, with 63,527 searchable subtitles, into the generator.”

Hip-Hop Hall of Fame Getting a Digital Archive (PRESS RELEASE)

The Hip-Hop Hall of Fame is getting a digital archive (PRESS RELEASE). “The official website now under construction will become a National and International Hip Hop Digital Archive Resource for artists, culturists, fans, educators, students, and preservationist that will be continuously updated with historical contributions being made in real-time by hip hop music & culture artists, influencers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in business, entertainment, and in society at-large for future generations.” Not ashamed to say I’m still a Kool Moe Dee fan.

Johnson Publishing Sells Magazines; Photo Archive Also For Sale

I was very surprised to read that Johnson Publishing has sold its magazines Ebony and Jet. I was absolutely shocked to read that Johnson Publishing’s photo archives are for sale. “A family-owned business throughout its history, Ebony has documented the African-American experience since it first hit newsstands in 1945. It has shaped culture ever since, coming into its own as it reported from the front lines of the civil rights movement during the 1960s in powerful photos and prose…. In January 2015, Johnson Publishing put its entire photo archive up for sale, hoping to raise $40 million. The historic collection spans seven decades of African-American history, chronicling everyone from Martin Luther King Jr. to Sammy Davis Jr.”

Independent: Is Instagram the Most Powerful Tool In Fashion?

Is Instagram the most powerful tool in fashion? I know fashion like a duck knows quantum physics. “With over 400 million monthly users, Instagram is the eighth largest social networking platform in the world. But in the fashion world, it’s probably number one. Last year the Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded the app its media award, previously bestowed upon journalists and photographers. And arguably, Instagram has shifted more product more directly than any of those.”

Library of Dungeons & Dragons Printable 3D Figures

Now available: a a library of Dungeons & Dragons printable 3D figures. “About a year and a half ago, US Army vet and hardcore Dungeons & Dragons player Miguel Zavala started what at the time must have sounded like an impossible project. Using his newly acquired hobby of 3D design and 3D printing, he decided that he was going to design and 3D print every monster in the legendary Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual Sourcebook. That is almost three hundred different 3D models, including dragons, orcs, trolls and every weird, bizarre and downright ridiculous creature that the classic roleplaying game had to offer. Now, after a ton of work and the almost constant running of his Printrbot Simple, Zavala has just released the last of his models.”

Indiana University Launches New Tools to Analyze Memes and Trends

Oh boy, this sounds like fun! Researchers at Indiana University have released a new set of tools to analyze online memes and trends. “The Web-based tools, called the Observatory on Social Media, or ‘OSoMe’ (pronounced “awesome”), provide anyone with an Internet connection the power to analyze online trends, memes and other online bursts of viral activity. An academic pre-print paper on the tools is available in the open-access journal PeerJ.”

Graphic Designer Robert Brownjohn Now Has An Online Archive

Graphic designer Robert Brownjohn now has an online archive, administered by his daughter. “The daughter of influential American graphic designer Robert Brownjohn has created an official archive website of his work. Featuring everything from his best-known projects, including album covers for The Rolling Stones and title sequences for Bond films Goldfinger and From Russia With Love, to campaigns with his agency Brownjohn, Chermayeff & Geismar (BCG), the site is the first official online catalogue dedicated to his design.”

Prince’s Death Causes Astonishing Levels of Activity on Facebook

Prince’s death caused an astonishing amount of activity on Facebook. “The world lost a legend when Prince passed away unexpectedly at the age of 57 on April 21. As word of his death spread around the globe, millions turned to Facebook to share articles, videos, and moving tributes, while global and local news outlets used Facebook Live. 39 million people had 117 million Facebook interactions related to his passing in the first 24 hours after the news broke.”