Inc: Google Makes Employees Sign Away Right to Sue Over Pornography (and Lots of Other Rights, Too)

Inc: Google Makes Employees Sign Away Right to Sue Over Pornography (and Lots of Other Rights, Too). “Google would rather you didn’t know about this because the company doesn’t want you to know anything at all about what it’s like to work at Google other than information the company itself has released. That, ironically, is the subject of a lawsuit that made the I-won’t-sue-for-pornography waiver public as part of a court filing. Here it is…”

TorrentFreak: Porn Pirate Sites Use ‘Backdoor’ to Host Videos on YouTube

From TorrentFreak, which is always worth a read: Porn Pirate Sites Use ‘Backdoor’ to Host Videos on YouTube. “Adult themed streaming sites are using a loophole in Google’s services to store infringing material at no cost. Google’s servers are increasingly being used as a hosting platform, by exploiting YouTube’s private publishing backdoor.”

CNET: Nearly half of Tumblr’s users end up seeing porn

Oh dear. From CNET: Nearly half of Tumblr’s users end up seeing porn. “Whether they want to or not, nearly half of Tumblr’s users are seeing porn on their dashboards. Tumblr has had a hard time keeping porn off its site. In 2012, Tumblr founder David Carp said 2 to 4 percent of the site’s traffic was porn-related. An Italian study published last month suggests that number has grown significantly.”

Yahoo Open-Sources Neural Network Solution for Finding Pornographic / NSFW Images

Yahoo has open-sourced its neural network solution for finding pornographic images. “Defining NSFW material is subjective and the task of identifying these images is non-trivial. Moreover, what may be objectionable in one context can be suitable in another. For this reason, the model we describe below focuses only on one type of NSFW content: pornographic images. The identification of NSFW sketches, cartoons, text, images of graphic violence, or other types of unsuitable content is not addressed with this model. To the best of our knowledge, there is no open source model or algorithm for identifying NSFW images. In the spirit of collaboration and with the hope of advancing this endeavor, we are releasing our deep learning model that will allow developers to experiment with a classifier for NSFW detection, and provide feedback to us on ways to improve the classifier.”

Google Scholar Target of Porn Spammers?

Good grief! I had no idea that Google Scholar was being targeted by porn spammers. “In this article, we take a closer look at a problem within the Google Scholar parsing engine that has been lightly touched upon by the authors cited above but does not seem to be taken very seriously by the the Google Scholar team. Now seems like a good time to take a look at it since Google Scholar is not only indexing predatory publishers, or false journals that create empty articles to make themselves look like a journal, instead Google Scholar is being targeted by bad players in the porn industry. Something that they seem to be getting pretty good at.”