Social Media Today: How to Use Twitter to Automatically Monitor for Press Opportunities

Social Media Today: How to Use Twitter to Automatically Monitor for Press Opportunities. “From startups to established businesses, PR is an awesome growth tool that, when leveraged correctly, can boost your brand profile, and generate significant opportunities. However, the reality is that for most entrepreneurs, founders, and startups, there are two major challenges to using PR as a marketing tool – time and money…. For those who lack the resources, here’s an easy way to locate some basic PR opportunities without a huge time or money investment. All you need are two free, user-friendly platforms, and a little bit of initial effort.”

The Next Web: Astroturfing Reddit is the future of political campaigning

The Next Web: Astroturfing Reddit is the future of political campaigning. “Earlier this year, Hack PR had a problem. The unorthodox public relations firm had snapped up a new client, a deep-pocketed entrepreneur with political ambitions. Unfortunately, nobody really knew who he was, and the campaign it launched for him failed to convert into any real coverage save for a couple of pieces in the Huffington Post and The Washington Times. They needed another idea. So, in their words, they hustled.”

Thesis From Kansas State: Twitter, Crisis Communication, and Brand Reputation

A thesis from Kansas State University: Understanding the effects of Twitter-based crisis communications strategies on brand reputation. “The Situational Crisis Communications Theory (SCCT) states that what organizations say to various publics during a crisis should influence the extent of the reputational and financial damage a crisis can inflict on the organization’s image. Past research has focused on distinguishing types of crises and what crisis-communication strategies should be used with traditional media. Research exists, but looks at social media and its effects on brand reputation during a crisis via case studies or is an experimental design focused on the information source. There is a lack of controlled experimental studies that investigate the role of social media in crisis-communications strategies.” You can download the thesis (11MB PDF) from this page.

How to Find Government of Canada Press Releases

In case ya need it: how to find Government of Canada press releases. “Government of Canada press releases, also referred to as news releases, are issued for the media to announce the latest news of government departments. At Library and Archives Canada (LAC), we hold a number of press releases, some in hard copy format in our archival holdings, and some in our published collection. The LAC collection is a great starting point to search for older releases that are not currently online.”

U of Missouri Research: PR Officials Should Utilize Twitter, Social Media During Crises to Gauge Public Response

Research from the University of Missouri: PR Officials Should Utilize Twitter, Social Media During Crises to Gauge Public Response. “MU doctoral students Douglas Wilbur and Danielle Myers examined more than 1,000 tweets surrounding the 2015 release of the motion picture ‘Concussion,’ which portrays the National Football League (NFL) in a negative light with regard to the issue of concussions in football. In the study, the researchers used Contingency Theory, created by MU School of Journalism professor Glen Cameron, as a tool to diagnose different publics’ (i.e. journalists, health professionals, athletes, sports fans) stances toward the movie, the NFL and the concussion issue. This theory was developed for determining how and why PR professionals and organizations choose their public responses during crises. In this study, the MU researchers successfully applied this theory to different public groups, rather than organizations, to understand if and how diverse, semi-organized groups develop stances toward ongoing issues.”

Research: How Public Outrage on Twitter Affects Organizations in Crisis

Research from the University of Missouri: How Public Outrage on Twitter Affects Organizations in Crisis “Findings suggest that unorganized and semi-organized publics use Twitter as a conversational platform to communicate their stances toward an issue. In the case of the NFL and concussions, the lay public enjoyed and was influenced by the ‘Concussion’ movie, ultimately influencing their perceptions of the NFL. The health community public used the NFL concussion issue as a sounding board for promoting their own research and the need for more concussion and head trauma research. Former and current athletes and coaches engaged in dialogue promoting more concussion awareness in sports in general. Journalists were able to leverage the movie as a way to resonate with the lay public and communicate about the health issue of concussions.”

Comcast Tries it On With #ComcastCaresDay

It is 2016. Brands should have realized a long time ago that trying to do a hashtag-based PR campaign on Twitter is a terrible, terrible idea. Unfortunately, Comcast didn’t get the memo. “Corporate volunteer events are fairly common, and they’re usually a good way both to generate some positive PR for the business as well as to get some local projects completed with a small army of free labor — a win/win. And of course, in 2016, how else quickly to push images, video, and short statements but on social media? And naturally organizers unify the social media presence with a hashtag… something quick and easily searchable, like #ComcastCaresDay.”