TechCrunch: My six months with $30/month email service Superhuman

TechCrunch: My six months with $30/month email service Superhuman. “The startup has seemed to have grown at its own pace, the service’s members frequently reference the 100,000+ people on the waiting list to pay for the email app though the company seems most intent on growing by word of mouth referrals which allow you to hop the line. (Roose’s story details that list is actually 180k people long, and that the company has less than 15k on-boarded subscribers) The service is designed around helping people that spend several hours in email every day to find areas to cut down on friction. What’s it like though?”

Tubefilter: Tech Review Creator Sam Sheffer Calls Vine Successor ‘Byte’ Beta “Very Promising”

Tubefilter: Tech Review Creator Sam Sheffer Calls Vine Successor ‘Byte’ Beta “Very Promising”. “Sam Sheffer, a 28-year-old former tech journalist for Engadget, The Verge, and Mashable — who has subsequently gone on to produce tech review and analysis on his own YouTube channel — just provided his 243,000 subscribers with a first look at the Byte beta.”

Digital Trends: Oculus Quest review

Digital Trends: Oculus Quest review. “Several hours into testing the Oculus Quest, I found myself in a Jedi dojo and I was clutching a lightsaber. More than just holding the elegant weapon, I was slashing its humming blade through training bots and using it to deflect bolts of blaster fire. I was playing Vader Immortal, an episodic Star Wars adventure launching alongside Facebook’s new virtual reality headset. The real world had melted away entirely as I experienced the coolest, most immersive tech my senses have ever been stung by.”

Opera Reborn 3: No modern browser is perfect, but this may be as close as it gets (Ars Technica)

Ars Technica: Opera Reborn 3: No modern browser is perfect, but this may be as close as it gets. ” Opera recently released what the company refers to as Reborn 3, the latest version of its flagship desktop browser, and it’s tempting to dismiss the name as little more than marketing hype…. After spending some time with Reborn 3, however, the name seems accurate. For Opera, this is a significant update that goes far beyond what arrived with the move to Chromium 60.”

BBC: ‘Why I write fake online reviews’

BBC: ‘Why I write fake online reviews’. “‘I’ve learned never to rely on reviews for anything,’ says Iain Taylor, from East Sussex. In his spare time and to supplement his income, the 44-year-old says he writes fake reviews online in exchange for money and free products. ‘I have written reviews from numbing creams to eBooks to downloadable independent films,’ he says. ‘I think it’s bad – but I think everyone’s doing it,’ says Mr Taylor, describing himself as ‘cynical’.”

Engadget: The best audio editing software for beginning podcasters

Engadget: The best audio editing software for beginning podcasters. “For this review, we’ve focused on software intended for audio recording and mixing: the process of capturing sound from a microphone or other device plugged into an audio interface, and then processing it digitally. Since podcasters are typically looking to record voices and natural environments to support their storytelling, this is the type of software best suited to that process. This is also the workflow you’d use when recording musicians live, and many of the apps we looked at are well-suited to this type of recording, too.”