MakeUseOf: Turn Gmail Into an Unexpected Note-Taking Tool With These Tips

MakeUseOf: Turn Gmail Into an Unexpected Note-Taking Tool With These Tips. “If you live in your Gmail inbox all day every day, how about turning Gmail into your go-to note-taking application? The same features that make Gmail an effective email client can make it a decent note-taking app (albeit an unconventional one). And to help you use it as such, I’ll list a few tweaks and tips in this article.”

MakeUseOf: Use These Great Twitter Tools to Manage Your Feed

MakeUseOf: Use These Great Twitter Tools to Manage Your Feed. “Do you follow hundreds of people on Twitter? If you do, there are probably inactive accounts, topics you’ve lost interest in, and spam accounts that are on your follow list. But while Twitter doesn’t make it easy to manage your followers or your lists, there are a number of third-party Twitter tools that can help. These four tools will make managing who you follow much easier. They’ll help you cut through the noise, keep your feed feeling fresh, and deliver a much richer experience.”

Dumb Little Man: The Freelancer’s Guide to PDF Management

Oooo, nice overview from Dumb Little Man! (Yes, that’s the name of the blog.) The Freelancer’s Guide to PDF Management. “If you’re a freelancer, juggling multiple balls in the air is a must-know trick. One way to learn that trick is to know how to properly manage your time, systems, and files. As a way to help you, we’ve put together the ultimate guide for managing PDFs — every smart freelancer’s go-to tool — that will leave you more time to spend on your other tasks.”

MakeUseOf: 4 Very Light Alternatives to Adobe Reader

MakeUseOf: 4 Very Light Alternatives to Adobe Reader. “If you’re still using Adobe Reader for PDF documents, it’s time for you to move on. It’s one of the most notorious programs to ever exist because it hits the trifecta of poor user experience: slow to launch, bloated and unnecessary features, and too many security vulnerabilities.” If I find using Chrome or Firefox unwieldy, I really like Sumatra.

CTV News: Facebook Tool Created by B.C. Teen to Plan Homework Gains Overseas Popularity

I’ve read plenty of stories about chatbots on Facebook, but this is the first one that made me mutter to myself, “Man, I could have used that in school…” From CTV News: Facebook tool created by B.C. teen to plan homework gains overseas popularity. “A Facebook tool that helps students be more productive and keep track of assignments developed by a Victoria teen has gone viral in an unexpected place. Alec Jones, 14, says his chatbot, Christopher Bot, that helps students stay on top of their homework has garnered more than 3,000 subscribers, with many of them based in Thailand.”

MakeUseOf: 8 Super Simple To-Do List Tools to Keep You Focused

MakeUseOf: 8 Super Simple To-Do List Tools to Keep You Focused. “For long-term task planning and scheduling, you need a robust system of tools to get a bird’s eye view of all your projects. But, on a day-to-day basis, a piece of paper works best as a catch-all for your most important tasks. It brings back your focus where it belongs: to your work. Apps that insist on a similar basic approach work just as well. In this article, we’ll look at eight such minimalist tools for tracking your daily tasks.”

MakeUseOf: How to Use Google Keep to Organize Your Travel Plans

MakeUseOf: How to Use Google Keep to Organize Your Travel Plans. “You need hotel reservations, flights, and a list of activities. When you make travel plans keeping it all together is essential. A humble tool packs a few powerful features you shouldn’t overlook for your next trip. Google Keep is a useful note-taking tool that provides the organizational features you need when you are on the road alone or with a group. And it’s easy!”