GuideStar Revamps Its Search Engine (PRESS RELEASE)

Search engine for nonprofit information GuideStar has revamped its search engine (PRESS RELEASE). “The new GuideStar Search also makes it easier to identify organizations working in specific fields, cause areas, or locations. Nonprofits can use these tools to inform their strategic planning and identify potential partners. Funders can see where a field is well served or under served. Donors can get crucial information on the range, capability, and impact of nonprofits working in a region or on a particular issue.”

GuideStar Revamps Its Nonprofits Profiles

GuideStar has revamped its nonprofit profiles. “I’m excited to announce a major milestone in GuideStar’s history. GuideStar’s vision is to drive philanthropy by increasing nonprofit data collection, distribution, and innovation. Today, we take a giant leap toward further achieving that vision. I am happy to officially debut our completely redesigned GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles.”