Facebook ‘Bot Helps Users Find Local Protests

A new Facebook bot helps users find local protests. “Facebook users can message WeBot and click ‘Get Started.’ It will ask you for your location, and you can either choose ‘Share Your Location’ or type in your city manually. WeBot then culls anti-Trump Facebook events in your area and matches you with nearby protests, letting you view and join the events, and share them on your own timeline.”

Digital Archive Already Started for Last Weekend Protests

A digital archive has already been started for the protests which took place last Saturday. From the “About Us” page: “The Trump Protest Archive is an entirely self funded digital archiving project, collecting items of material culture from protest events relating to the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump. The Trump Protest Archive was founded by Eric Nolan Gonzaba (left), a PhD candidate in American history at George Mason University.”

Dakota Pipeline Protest Is On Facebook Live

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the Dakota Pipeline protest is on Facebook Live. “Chairman of the Sioux Standing Rock Tribe called the police tactics disproportionate, and said they included using rubber bullets. Activists said some of the protesters were kept in dog kennels after they were arrested. Protesters took to social media to show police cordons in head-to-toe military gear and armored vehicles on the land where the pipeline is being erected.”

Vietnam Blocks Facebook Access?

Vietnam apparently blocked Facebook and possibly Instagram after citizen protests over a fish kill. “Facebook appears to have been blocked in Vietnam as a part of a government-imposed crackdown on social media, amid public protests over an environmental disaster attributed to toxic discharges from a steel complex built by Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics. Dissidents are blaming wastewater from the steel plant for a mass fish death at aquatic farms and in waters off the country’s central provinces. Citizens have been using Facebook to organize rallies, which is likely the cause of the shutdown.” Is citizen access vs government shutdown going to be the next big Internet tools “arms race”?

New Digital Archive of the Freddie Gray Protests

The Maryland Historical Archive has launched a digital archive of the Freddie Gray protests. “On Thursday, the society announced the launch of the website … which offers a searchable database of thousands of videos, photos, oral accounts, and written documents that provide a look at a range of perspectives from the unrest following Mr. Gray’s death in police custody last April.”