Feminist New Orleans Paper DISTAFF Digitized and Put Online

A 1970s feminist newspaper from New Orleans has been digitized and put online. From the collection’s home page: “Distaff was the first and only feminist newspaper published in New Orleans. Founded in 1972 by Mary Gehman and Donna Swanson, Distaff served as a forum for women’s voices in politics, activism, and the arts. One of the few newspapers published by and for women in the Gulf South, Distaff covered a wide range of topics and issues, including reproductive rights, pay equity and women’s rights in the workplace, lesbian activism, the Equal Rights Amendment, literature and the arts, and women in politics. Issues were edited and produced by a coalition of New Orleans women known for their activism in political spheres. A preview issue was published in 1973 and the newspaper continued to be published until 1982. There was a hiatus in publication from 1976-1978.”

Australian Music Magazine Roadrunner Digitized, Put Online

An Australian rock music magazine, Roadrunner, has been digitized and put online by University of Wollongong. From the home page: “Roadrunner was a rock magazine published in Adelaide between 1978-83. Its founding editors were Stuart Coupe and Donald Robertson, who worked together on the single-issue Punk zine Street Fever in December 1977. Though primarily focused on Australian and overseas rock music, it also covered areas of the burgeoning counterculture and issues such as punk. The final edition of December 1982 / January 1983 was published in Sydney.”

Arkansas State Archives: Arkansas State Archives participates in newspaper digitization project

Arkansas State Archives: Arkansas State Archives participates in newspaper digitization project. “The Arkansas State Archives, in partnership with the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS), has digitized 24 Arkansas newspapers through a joint newspaper digitization project with Newspapers.com in order to provide more access to these resources, Department of Arkansas Heritage Director Stacy Hurst announced today. The State Archives contributed 208 rolls from 17 different Arkansas newspapers, with a total of 209,000 pages scanned, digitized, and indexed by Newspapers.com. In addition, the digitized newspapers will be made available online for free to patrons in the State Archives research room and at the Central Arkansas Library System.”

Creative Review Magazine Getting New Online Archive

The commercial arts and design magazine Creative Review is getting an online archive. “We’re excited to announce that Creative Review will be launching a complete, searchable online archive of all past issues dating back to the very first one in 1981. So for the first time ever, subscribers will be able to access the complete CR collection, all in one convenient place.” They do need some help finding back issues.

99 Years of the Foreign Service Journal Now Available Online

99 years of the Foreign Service Journal are now available online. “The fully digitized archive of The Foreign Service Journal is finally here! Witness nearly a century of diplomatic history, stories and discussion—as told by the people who were there and shaped it firsthand. Browse the archive to learn about American diplomacy and foreign policy while diving into the extraordinary experiences of the U.S. Foreign Service.” It appears to be free. I accessed an issue from 1922 and an issue from 2013 without any problem.