Online Exhibition: Women & The World of Dime Novels

The new online exhibition “Women and the World of Dime Novels” is now available. “Women and the World of Dime Novels… is divided into two main sections: the Tropes and the Women. The Tropes section provides an overview of six of the more common character tropes I have found in dime novels, such as the Brokenhearted Wife or the Ruined Woman. The Women section explores specific characters from the dime novels, providing summaries of their stories, highlighting how they exemplify certain tropes.”

GDELT Swallows and Digests 3.5 Million Books

GDELT has swallowed and digested 3.5 million books from the Internet Archive and HathiTrust. What’s bigger than big data? “Today we are enormously excited to announce that more than 3.5 million digitized books stretching back two centuries, encompassing the complete English-language public domain collections of the Internet Archive (1.3M volumes) and HathiTrust (2.2 million volumes), have been processed using the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph and are now available in Google BigQuery. More than a billion pages stretching back 215 years have been examined to compile a list of all people, organizations, and other names, fulltext geocoded to render them fully mappable, and more than 4,500 emotions and themes compiled. All of this computed metadata is combined with all available book-level metadata, including title, author, publisher, and subject tags as provided by the contributing libraries. Even more excitingly, the complete fulltext of all Internet Archive books published 1800-1922 are included to […]

In Development: Archive of Aviation Week & Space Technology

In development: a digital archive of Aviation Week & Space Technology editions. “The digital, searchable archive, scheduled for completion in early 2016, will comprise more than 500,000 pages of articles, photographs and advertisements chronicling the first century of the aerospace and defense industry — unlocked and made available for the very first time. The archive will be dynamically updated as new Aviation Week content is developed.”

Esquire Magazine Launches Digital Archive

The magazine Esquire has launched a digital archive. “To help kick off its landmark October 2015 issue, Esquire has launched a digital archive, Esquire Classic, that will house all previous 999 issues of the magazine. The subscription product costs $4.99 per month (with a free month to start), or $45 per year for non subscribers and $30 for current Esquire subscribers. Esquire Classic presents the old issues, page-by-page, as they were when they first ran—including classic advertisements.”

What Ever Happened to Google Books?

From The New Yorker: What Ever Happened to Google Books? “On one hand, Google has scanned an impressive thirty million volumes, putting it in a league with the world’s larger libraries (the library of Congress has around thirty-seven million books). That is a serious accomplishment. But while the corpus is impressive, most of it remains inaccessible. Searches of out-of-print books often yield mere snippets of the text—there is no way to gain access to the whole book.”

TIME is Going Paywall

TIME is going paywall. “Great journalism has great value, and it costs money to make it. For that reason, we are changing how our site works starting on September 9. Beginning that day, you will continue to have access to ten free articles each month. After that, we will ask you to subscribe for as little as $2.99 per month.”

Diario de Pernambuco is Partially Digitized

The Brazilian newspaper Diario de Pernambuco has been partially digitized. “The holdings of the newspaper that were digitized include November 1825 – September 1924 and these were contained on 276 reels of microfilm….The Diario de Pernambuco is acknowledged to be the oldest newspaper still in circulation in Latin America. The issues from 1825-1924 offer insights into early Brazilian commerce, social affairs, politics, family life, slavery, and other topics.”

East View Makes Japan Times Digital Archive Available (Subscription)

East View has launched a complete archive of The Japan Times. This is a subscription service. ‘The Japan Times publication was founded in 1897, with the intention to “give Japanese the opportunity to read news and current events in English and to help Japan to participate more fully in the international community.’ This new digital archive includes every newspaper published between 1897 and 2014 (nearly 500,000 pages), with annual updates.”

Cornell University Digitizing Four Collections

Cornell University is digitizing four of its collections, including a collection containing Palmyra pictures taken in 1885. The collections are “…the Cornell Costume and Textile Collection, which includes more than 10,000 items of apparel, flat textiles and accessories dating from the late 18th century,” the aforementioned Palmyra pictures – “…the Sterrett Photographs collection, which documents major archaeological monuments in present-day Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria and Iraq…”, music: “Benjamin Piekut, associate professor of music, will lead a project to digitize the Lindsay Cooper Archive, currently housed in a London storage locker and inaccessible to researchers. The project is a partnership between Cornell and the University of the Arts London to make Cooper’s scores and archival recordings available….” and feminist publications: “The fourth project will digitize the full content of ‘On Our Backs,’ a historically important publication used by students and researchers in the visual, political, historical, and gender and sexuality fields…”

Two 20th-Century Irish Newspapers Have Been Digitized and Put Online

Two twentieth-century Irish newspapers have been digitized and put online. “For historians of the British and Irish communist movements, Irish republicanism, the Northern Ireland conflict, and those examining the Irish community in Britain generally, the digitisation and uploading online of the newspapers of the Connolly Association, Irish Freedom (1939-1944) and the Irish Democrat (1945-2000), by the group are an important development that will make research much easier. Wedding traditional Irish republicanism with socialism, the Connolly Association played a highly visible role in the Irish community in Britain after its establishment in 1938, having branches in most of the main cities to which Irish immigrants were attracted in the large-scale post-war migration across the Irish Sea.” The issues are both viewable online and downloadable as PDFs. Navigation is a little awkward, but load time is quick and the issues I looked at from 1951 were very readable.

Ancestry and Gannett Teaming Up For Newspaper Digitizing Project

Ancestry is teaming up with Gannett for a huge newspaper digitization project (PRESS RELEASE). “Ancestry, the leader in family history and consumer genetics, today announced its collaboration with Gannett Co., Inc., the largest local-to-national media company, to digitize more than 80 daily newspapers across the nation., an Ancestry business unit, and Gannett will provide a historical newspaper viewing experience complete with full text search, clipping and sharing features. Together, they expect to deliver more than 100 million full-page images of historical newspapers in a simple, easy-to-use online archive.”

Jason Scott Saves Boatload of Technical Manuals

Jason Scott and a bevy of valiant volunteers have have saved a huge collection of technical manuals. “A few of us tried to do a very rough, very hand-wavy job of determining what the total number of manuals was, because it sure as hell wasn’t 25,000. At the end we decided that it is definitely over 50,000 and it is probably as high as 75,000. So we rescued twice as many items as I was told the room contained. That’s fantastic.” So wonderful. What a great job.

State of Indiana Getting More Digitized Newspapers

The state of Indiana is getting more digitized newspapers. “29 reels of county newspapers dating from the 1850s to the 1930s will be digitized and available on the state’s online archive of historic newspapers, The Hoosier State Chronicles. Some of the papers include the Crawfordsville Journal, the Waynetown Banner, the Montgomery Journal and nine more titles. Though unrelated to this project, there are already 194 issues of the Crawfordsville Record available at the website,”