Michigan Daily: Dreaming through the screen

Michigan Daily: Dreaming through the screen. “I’ve always been someone that has appreciated silence and even sought it out. I prefer working at night when the noises around me are at a minimum. But when the silence on campus seemed suffocating, I would turn to cooking videos — something that I expect already to be silent. Even the slight punctuation of sounds are predictable and therefore somewhat grounding. These videos were the good types of quiet: anticipated and calm, not anxious or depressing.”

The Atlantic: Mask Up and Shut Up

The Atlantic: Mask Up and Shut Up. “OVID-19 researchers have rightly extolled the virtues of masks, hailed the necessity of ventilation, and praised the salutary nature of outdoor activities. But another behavioral tactic hasn’t received enough attention, in part because it makes itself known by its absence. That tactic is silence. Yes, it is finally time to talk, in this pandemic, about the importance of not talking in this pandemic.”