A Database of Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibitions

Every time I decide I’m going to switch my Google Alerts from News sources only, something like this pops up: A Database of Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibitions. From the front page: “The first exhibitions of Dead Sea Scrolls took place in Washington (DC) around two years after their discovery. Since then, over a hundred scrolls exhibitions have taken place all around the world. The World Expo ’58 in Brussels (Belgium), the 1960 exhibition in Buenos Aires (Argentine), and the exhibition in Singapore in 2009 are just a few examples. This database aspires to include them all, and in doing so, proving a robust tool for researchers and journalists.”

Aleteia: Sinai monastery’s icons now available online

Aleteia: Sinai monastery’s icons now available online. “In the late 1950s, the Greek Orthodox monks at St. Catherine began to clean and restore their collection of icons, and a team of professors from Princeton University, the University of Michigan and the University of Alexandria began to make excursions to the desert outpost to photograph the images. Now that collection is online and easily accessible to everyone on the internet.”