Photo Archive from Sixty Years of Scuba Diving

It’s kind of small for a photo archive, but it’s an unusual topic so in it goes: a scuba diving club in (appropriately enough) Bath, Somerset, England has created an online photo gallery to celebrate its 60th anniversary. “Bath Sub-Aqua Club was among the first branches of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) to be established, and has been responsible for introducing thousands of people to diving across the south west. Photographs from the club’s inaugural year in 1956 show old fashioned suits which many divers, known then as ‘frogmen’, made for themselves out of neoprene.”

Way Down, Below the Ocean… You Can Now Post to Facebook

Speaking of things I’ve never thought about before – what would it be like to Facebook from the bottom of an ocean? “Deep below the surface of Europe’s largest lake, Vänern in Sweden, Anders Brodin reaches for his diving computer. Thumbing carefully through its menus, he opens a Facebook client and composes a short message. He hits send. ‘Right now, I am diving at 16.1 meters and the temperature is 15 degrees. This is only the beginning…’ pops up on the screens of his friends around the world. This is something that divers have never been able to do before. More than a metre below the surface of a body of water, most radio communication fails. The water absorbs the signals of all but the lowest-frequency electromagnetic waves, meaning that a normal mobile phone, or even a walkie-talkie, simply wouldn’t get any signal.”