Anil Dash on Medium: Underscores, Optimization & Arms Races

Anil Dash on Medium: Underscores, Optimization & Arms Races. “A dozen years ago, the web started to reshape itself around major companies like Google. We can understand the genesis of today’s algorithmic arms race against the tech titans just by looking at a single character.” This is an important read. Depressing, but important.

Happy 14th Anniversary, Search Engine Roundtable!

Happy 14th Anniversary to Search Engine Roundtable! “This site, started as a way to keep my notes on the changes happening in the SEO/SEM space, has been consistently around and documenting those changes for 14 years straight. And I am proud to say, like I do every year, the core missions of this site has not changed – in those 14 years. We still cover what the industry is talking about from within the industry chatter. From Google algorithmic updates and chatter all the way to breaking news. We simply cover what you, the industry, is talking about it and care about.”

HubSpot: Only 7% of People Actually Trust Google’s Featured Snippets

HubSpot: Only 7% of People Actually Trust Google’s Featured Snippets. “When you look up the word ‘snippet’ in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition you’ll find is, ‘a small part, piece, or thing; especially: a brief quotable passage.’ So, what does that mean in the context of marketing?… It’s that last context that we’re here to discuss today — specifically, the featured snippet, and what people think of. What is it, and can it be trusted?

The Verge: It’s time to stop trusting Google search already

The Verge: It’s time to stop trusting Google search already. “Last weekend, in the hours after a deadly Texas church shooting, Google search promoted false reports about the suspect, suggesting that he was a radical communist affiliated with the antifa movement. The claims popped up in Google’s ‘Popular on Twitter’ module, which made them prominently visible — although not the top results — in a search for the alleged killer’s name. Of course, the was just the latest instance of a long-standing problem: it was the latest of multiple similar missteps. As usual, Google promised to improve its search results, while the offending tweets disappeared. But telling Google to retrain its algorithms, as appropriate as that demand is, doesn’t solve the bigger issue: the search engine’s monopoly on truth.”

CNET: Windows Movie Maker scam tops Google search results

CNET: Windows Movie Maker scam tops Google search results. “If you’re looking to download the amateur video editor that Microsoft had provided for years, you won’t find it from the company. But one of the top search results on Google for ‘Windows Movie Maker’ leads to a scam version of the video editor that aims to steal your money.”