Classical Music: The best score-reading apps for classical musicians

Classical Music: The best score-reading apps for classical musicians. “I’m a busy concert pianist and teacher, and have had little time for deciphering each of the many apps. I’ve also been terrified that a tablet might crash or run out of charge midway through a concert. But technology moves quickly and the time has finally come for me to overcome these fears and plunge headlong into the brave new world of score-reading apps.”

WNIU: Rockford’s Schreiner Leaves Legacy Of Music

New-to-me, from WNIU: Rockford’s Schreiner Leaves Legacy Of Music. “A longtime collector of rare sheet music has died. Lee Schreiner donated much of his collection to Northern Illinois University where it found new life. In 2014, Lee Schreiner of Rockford started donating his collection to his alma mater. Librarians at Northern Illinois University created an online database for the World War 1 sheet music which is now in the public domain.”

Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg: Mozart’s notes in the digital age interactive, individual and free for everyone

From a Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg press release translated by Google Translate (Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg has an English-language Web site, but apparently has not yet translated this press release): Mozart’s notes in the digital age interactive, individual and free for everyone. “With DIME , the Digital Interactive Mozart Edition , a new era in dealing with the musical works of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart is breaking. So far, the notes on Mozart’s music were available on the Internet exclusively as pictures of printed editions. The new portal DIME , which was developed by the Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg in collaboration with the Packard Humanities Institute in Los Altos, California, for the first time provides digital data that the user can adapt interactively to his needs. This includes a variety of options for selecting works’ excerpts, which can also be synchronized with existing sound recordings or played back as MIDI files.” The DIME site […]

Library of Congress Puts Up Small Collection / Exhibit of Music Related to Baseball

The Library of Congress has aggregated a collection of baseball-related music. “This exhibition features baseball sheet music from the collections of the Music Division at the Library of Congress. Most of these works are original copyright deposits and represent only a small fraction of the more than 400 published songs about baseball in the Music Division’s custody. They illustrate the remarkable congruence between the evolution of the sport from before the Civil War to the present, and the musical counterparts that have chronicled in song baseball’s greatest moments.”

Search Engine for Brass Band Music

Pennine Music has launched a new search engine for finding brass band music. “This new ‘Google’ of Brass Band Music visits every publisher across the globe and catalogues their titles of brass band music with the aim of helping bands quickly and easily find out if a piece of music has been published and is available to buy.” Pennine did not have any brass arrangements for Eurythmics in its own inventory, for example, but their search engine linked to an another music publisher which had a brass arrangement of Sweet Dreams Are Made of This. And now I’m giggling myself silly imagining that song arranged for tuba and French horn.