Teacher Reboot Camp: 34+ Nonsense Apps, Web Tools and Resources to Wake Up the Brain Cells!

Teacher Reboot Camp: 34+ Nonsense Apps, Web Tools and Resources to Wake Up the Brain Cells!. “Students can get restless about this time of year. Summer vacation is near and so is April Fool’s Day and Easter. Many students also are testing or gearing up for graduation and this can be a stressful time for both teachers and students. Humor can help you and students avoid burn-out. Humor also engages students and keeps their minds open to the learning when implemented appropriately! Below are some free web tools, apps, and resources to add some humor to lessons.” Have to do a silliness roundup every now and again.

Sonic Develops “Square Shake” Just for Instagram

Okay, now it’s just getting silly: Sonic has developed a food item specifically for Instagram (PRESS RELEASE). “In a first-of-its-kind partnership, SONIC® Drive-In (NASDAQ: SONC) is collaborating with Instagram celebrity chef, @ChefJacquesLaMerde, and a group of renowned Instagram design influencers to create the SONIC Square Shake inspired by SONIC’s new line of Creamery Shakes. The Square Shake is made for Instagram, designed by Instagram influencers and only available for order through Instagram.”

Go Powerpuff Yourself

Saturday silly: you can make yourself into a Powerpuff Person. “Sugar, spice and wasting time on the Internet. These are the ingredients that make us all Powerpuff Girls, thanks to Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff Yourself, which turns ordinary Powerpuff Girls fans into animated characters.” Here I am powerpuffed, though you’ll have to imagine the gray streaks in my hair .

Twitter Account Finds Your Dog Twin

Ever wondered who your dog twin is? Ever wonder why I dare to imagine you engaging in such things as speculating about your dog twin? Twitter to the rescue!. “The man or woman (or genius dog???) who runs the account takes the selfie photos tweeted to it, and finds a photo of a dog that closely resembles the human subject. It will then tweet it back, using the simple phrase, ‘You Are Dog Now.’”

Google Sheep View

OH THE SILLY: Google Sheep View. “Google Sheep View is an amusing project by Ding Ren and Michael Karabinos that collects photos of sheep from Google Street View. The project also accepts submissions.” I had a dream four or five years ago that Google was handing out towels with cameras in them to fitness centers, so they could have Google Streak View.