The Verge: Roast your own Spotify listens with this snarky AI

The Verge: Roast your own Spotify listens with this snarky AI. “If you want to be judged, you open a page titled ‘How Bad is Your Spotify’ and you log in with your Spotify account. (It might take a couple refreshes on the ‘Loading your music library’ page.) This absolute jerk of an AI then drags you mercilessly while it pulls your playlists and top tracks. It asks you questions before it shows any results, in phrasing that gives the plain text the same aura as the girls who bullied me in middle school. Did you really listen to Clementine by Sarah Jaffe? (Yes) Like ironically? (No…)”

Best Practices for Using Google Calendar

I read a very funny blog called Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. Pardon my language. I never thought I’d mention it in ResearchBuzz, but SBTB has just posted part 3 in a series on best practices for using Google Calendar. And it’s in that epic SBTB style, which means snark, sarcasm, and She-Ra GIFs.

Yes, There Is Google+ Love Out There

In the interest of fairness, Some Google+ love. “None of my real-life friends use it, and my grandma definitely doesn’t share any memes there. In fact, a lot of my online friends don’t have Google+ accounts, and those that do don’t use use them. Who says Google+ has to be Facebook, though? There is a select group of people that I follow — about 1,000, actually — that use Google+ every single day. I interact with dozens of posts every day, I share a fair number of my own, and I’ve met some amazing people.” Better hope there are a lot of amazing people out there, or Google will cut your service off at the knees (COUGH Google Reader COUGH).