New York Times: The Dreaded Return of the ‘Park Hang’

New York Times: The Dreaded Return of the ‘Park Hang’. “‘The whole notion of having to stay away from people again is mind-numbing,’ said Manny Fidel, 29, a video producer who lives in Brooklyn. While he acknowledged the gravity of the current Covid-19 surge in New York City, which has set records for new cases and caused a mad dash for testing, Mr. Fidel also expressed fear that the Omicron variant would reduce social life in New York to its socially distant diminutives: stoop cocktails in puffer coats, long walks with friends to nowhere and a long line of park hangs.”

Washington Post: How to safely — and graciously — host friends and family as the weather gets colder

Washington Post: How to safely — and graciously — host friends and family as the weather gets colder. “Many of us were just getting the hang of pandemic-era socializing. In backyards and patios, stoops and parks, people have gathered at a distance with small numbers of friends and family for the human connections we so badly need. There was always a risk. But just when standing six feet apart and forgoing hugs (and cheese boards!) had started to feel almost normal, things shifted again. This time, that darn change of seasons threatens to upend our pandemic routines.”

Wired: Why Teens Aren’t Partying Anymore

Wired: Why Teens Aren’t Partying Anymore. “Kevin is not the most organized student: He initially neglects to have his dad sign the back of the permission slip, and when I talk to the class later, he forgets his question by the time I call on him. But when I ask him what makes his generation different, he doesn’t hesitate: ‘I feel like we don’t party as much. People stay in more often. My generation lost interest in socializing in person—they don’t have physical get-togethers, they just text together, and they can just stay at home.’”

Google Wants To Help You Find Out “Who’s Down”

Want to socialize more? Tired of sitting in a dark room looking at a screen? Google wants you to help find Who’s Down. (Google amazes me with its name choices; I thought for a minute this was for finding friends who were in some kind of bad situation or otherwise out-of-touch; “down”. Is my old age showing? Of course it is.) “It’s an invite-only app that simply shows you whether you’re ‘down’ to hang out — presumably, once you have confirmed that you are indeed ‘down,’ your friends nearby will see that status and include you in whatever wonderful activities they have planned.”