New-to-Me: Database of Contemporary Musical Theatre Songs (Mostly Unpublished)

New-to-me: a database of contemporary musical theatre songs — . From the about page: “ is a subscription website that connects voice teachers, students and musical theatre professionals with today’s best contemporary writers and songs. We represent over 180 writers and 500 largely unpublished songs, curated by industry professionals, searchable by voice and song type and available for purchase directly on our site. We are the only site that does not take a cent of the writers’ sales.”

Engadget: Google Assistant can ID that song for you

Engadget: Google Assistant can ID that song for you . “You don’t need to have a Pixel 2 to get a built-in song identifier anymore: Google has finally given Assistant the ability to compete with Shazam. Next time you hear a nice tune playing, you can simply ask Assistant ‘What song is this?’ and it will reply with the title and artist. It will also toss in an info card with the title of the album where you can find the track, the date it was released and embedded links to Search, YouTube and Play that make it easier to get the song or to listen to it again.”

New-to-Me, from Yale: Digital Archive of Medieval Song

New-to-me, found via a Google Alert, looks like it’s relatively recent, from Yale: Digital Archive of Medieval Song. “This project will develop a digital platform to publish texts, manuscript images, music, and scholarly resources relating to medieval song in late-medieval England. Approximately 3,000 lyrics in English survive in 450 manuscripts from the twelfth to the early sixteenth century, alongside many more in Latin and French. The large majority are anonymous; some are copied with music. Only a fraction of this important repertory has been studied and performed. This Archive aims to make the close and careful study of these songs in original manuscripts accessible to the scholars and public who are interested in the rich history of song in England.”

NurseryWorld: Scottish Book Trust unveils new Song and Rhyme Library

NurseryWorld: Scottish Book Trust unveils new Song and Rhyme Library. “Housed on the Bookbug website, the new Song and Rhyme Library provides a searchable online catalogue of fun demonstration videos for parents, carers and early years practitioners in Scotland.” There’s not a lot here yet but songs in Gaelic and Scots are available as well as English.

Digital Archive: The Music of Chilean Political Prisoners

Now available: a digital archive recording the songs and music of Chilean political prisoners. “Cantos Cautivos (Captive Songs) is a digital archive compiled by Katia Chornik, daughter of two opponents of the dictatorship who survived one infamous detention centre, which was named La Discothèque by agents of the Dina secret police because guards deployed loud music to torture their quarry, or as a soundtrack to the abuse. Chornik spent her childhood in exile, between Venezuela and France, returning to Chile with her parents by the end of the dictatorship. She studied violin and musicology in Chile and the UK.”

Info Geekers: Top 7 Websites To Find Song Lyrics Online

In case an earworm is driving you bonkers: Top 7 Websites To Find Song Lyrics Online. “Can’t keep up the pace with Eminem’s rap? Or having trouble understanding what Beyoncé is singing? Or are you getting ready for karaoke? In these cases or another, song lyrics become essential for everyone: be it native listener or non-native. Indian listeners with a taste of English music use song lyrics sites to understand the core meaning of the song that they failed to grasp at the very first moment. Not even this, native English speakers widely use lyrics websites for sating their curiosity of the new words uttered by Eminem or Beyoncé.”

Folk Songs from Minnesota

New-to-me and still under development: an online archive for Minnesota folk songs. “The Minnesota Folksong Collection is an online digital library for audio recordings, song texts and and other materials documenting traditional folksong from Minnesota. The current collection consists of a set of songs recorded by Robert Winslow Gordon in 1924.” Looks like it got rolling at the beginning of the year.