DRGNews: Four more state historic newspapers available online

DRGNews: Four more state historic newspapers available online. “In 2016 the South Dakota State Historical Society-Archives received a two-year $240,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to digitize historical newspapers. The project is part of Chronicling America, a Library of Congress initiative to develop an online database of select historical newspapers from around the United States. Several Sioux Falls German titles have recently been added to Chronicling America: The Sud (Soot) Dakota Nachrichten (Knock-rick-ten), 1896-1900; the Sud-Dakota Nachrichten und Herold, 1900-1901; the Nachrichten-Herold, 1901-1907; and the Deutscher (Doit-shur) Herold, 1907-1913. Further issues of these titles will be added to the website in later batches, as well as other titles from around the state.”

South Dakota: GFP Launches New Interactive Online Tool about South Dakota Birds

South Dakota: GFP Launches New Interactive Online Tool about South Dakota Birds. “The online tool is an updated version of South Dakota’s Breeding Bird Atlas providing information on which bird species nest in the state, where they can be found and what habitats they need during the breeding season; including 13 new species found during the field project. Highlights include a total of 252 species recorded during the project, of which 239 species were recorded breeding. The online tool allows users the option to explore the results by species or by blocks.”

Library of Congress: Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Now Online

Library of Congress: Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Now Online . “The Library of Congress has placed online nearly 25,000 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, which depict the structure and use of buildings in U.S. cities and towns. Maps will be added monthly until 2020, for a total of approximately 500,000. The online collection now features maps published prior to 1900. The states available include Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Alaska is also online, with maps published through the early 1960s. By 2020, all the states will be online, showing maps from the late 1880s through the early 1960s.”

State of South Dakota Launches New Jobs Site

The state of South Dakota has launched a new jobs site. “The new software searches the internet to ‘scrape’ job listings from other South Dakota employer sites. We are no longer limited to data listed only by employers who use our system. The system also details both job titles and needed skills, allowing any user easily to identify skill supply and demand information in real-time. We can now view, at any given time, everything from the most in-demand skills for job listings to the education level of current job seekers to occupational wage data.”

South Dakota: Newspaper digitization advisory board selects newspapers to digitize for federal grant

South Dakota: Newspaper digitization advisory board selects newspapers to digitize for federal grant. “The South Dakota State Historical Society has announced that more historical newspapers will be digitized as part of a federal grant…. An advisory board made up of individuals from history and newspaper backgrounds met in November and March to select which titles would be digitized with this second round of federal funding. Among those selected and approved by the Library of Congress were the Deutscher Herold of Sioux Falls, the Lemmon Herald, the German and English editions of the Eureka Post, the De Smet Leader, the Madison Daily Leader and the Oglala Light of Pine Ridge. In total, 17 more South Dakota towns will be represented in the collection by the end of the project.”

In Development: Digital Archive of Fossils From the South Dakota Badlands

In development: a digital archive of fossils found in the South Dakota badlands. “The bones buried in Badlands National Park have a story to tell and Chris Nelson is one man bent on telling it. Chris Nelson, senior collections manager at Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History in New Haven, Conn., is leading a project funded by the National Parks Service to inventory and image all specimens collected from the South Dakota Badlands, and to georeference the locations of the sites where early fossil collecting took place.”

Two New Historical South Dakota Newspapers Now Available Online

Two new historical South Dakota newspapers are now available online. “Two Kimball newspapers have been added to the growing online database of historical United States newspapers, according to the South Dakota State Historical Society….The Kimball Enterprise (1883) and the Kimball Graphic (1883-1905) are now both available on Chronicling America.”