Know Louisiana: LSM Prepares to Publish Colonial Documents Collection Online

Know Louisiana: LSM Prepares to Publish Colonial Documents Collection Online. “In a few months, the Louisiana State Museum (LSM) will complete the digitization and online publication of its Colonial Documents Collection, a massive project that will exponentially increase access to this rich archive for researchers of every stripe, from high school students to amateur genealogists to academic historians. The digitization marks the most recent phase of a series of efforts stretching back more than a hundred years to make it easier for researchers to navigate this enormous collection of criminal and civil court cases, commercial transactions, successions, wills, and other legal documents dating back to 1714. Global access to these 220,000 pages, handwritten in French and Spanish, will open up the archives as never before to those who study Louisiana and its inhabitants.”

University of Texas at Austin: Online global database of freedom of expression case law in Latin America now available

University of Texas at Austin: Online global database of freedom of expression case law in Latin America now available. “Judicial decisions on freedom of expression and access to information of the highest courts of 16 Latin American countries are available for free consultation now that the Freedom of Expression Case Law online database in Spanish is available.”

10,000 Documents Make Up New Miguel de Cervantes Archive

The Cervantes Institute has released a digital archive of materials related to Miguel de Cervantes. It’s free. The original article is in Spanish which I’m Google Translating – I apologize for butchering the quote. “This large file consists of five databases, texts, photographs, graphics and multimedia from different areas of the institution. Of the 10,000 documents, about half are texts and the rest is divided among other formats, explained to El Pais the head of Libraries and Documentation Cervantes, Yolanda of the Church, which highlights the momentum that has been given to these five collections were ready in 2016, the year the institution celebrates its 25th anniversary. It is a job ‘for 10 years, which began in 2006, and will continue in the future.'”

New Digital Archive of Mexican-American Journalism

Smithsonian Magazine has an article on a new archive of Mexican-American journalism. “The new archive brings the headlines of the past into the present, spanning 149 years of significant Mexican and Mexican-American publications. The periodicals, which were published between the mid-19th century and the 2000s in Sonora, Mexico, Tucson, El Paso, Los Angeles and San Francisco serve as written testaments to the interests, cultural uniqueness and struggles of the Mexican and Mexican-American community.”

New York Times Launches Spanish-Language Web Site

The New York Times has launched a Spanish-language Web site. It didn’t have one before? “The New York Times en Español features content produced by a dedicated editorial team based in Mexico City, as well as the work of NYT correspondents across Latin America and areas with Spanish-speaking populations, including Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Miami, with additional coverage and oversight from the newspaper’s headquarters in New York City.”