SQL Query Parser: An Automated Tool for Translating the Queries Into Spreadsheets

This is for SQL fans only. My SQL chops are not great, but what I could understand out of this paper I liked: SQL Query Parser: An Automated Tool for Translating the Queries Into Spreadsheets. “Many people find difficulties in working with databases queries so they completely want to migrate from databases to another application. Hence here it is the solution to combine the database concept with another application to make it simple and easy. The concept called spreadsheet is combined with the databases which forms a method which is called as a SQL Query Parser. Spreadsheets are the most popular application for data analysis and manipulations. Thus SQL Query Parser is an automated tool which translates the Database SQL query to Formula based Spreadsheet. Also it parses the statements into the parse tree and generates the syntax tree providing validation to the statements at an early stage.”

Google Makes Spreadsheet Charts More Useful as Embedded Items

Google is making its spreadsheet charts more useful as embeds. “Charts help you display data in a visually compelling way. At work, the same chart may be used across multiple documents and presentations, to help you better convey your message and strengthen your argument. If that chart changes, it can be tedious and time-consuming to replace it in each and every file. To save you valuable time, we’re now making it possible to update your chart with a single click—without ever needing to leave your document or presentation.”

Web-Based Tool for Finding Duplicate Content in Spreadsheets and Databases

Oooh, I got to wipe the drool off the desk. a new tool helps to find duplicate content in spreadsheets and databases. “…we are proud to be launching dedupe.io today. It’s a web interface for quickly and automatically finding similar rows in a spreadsheet or database, using machine learning methods. Powered by our open source dedupe library, dedupe.io is customized for your data by the training you give it. From there, it learns the best way to compare records to identify duplicates in your data. It’s built to be simple. Upload your data, provide some training examples, review some of the matches, and we take it from there.” It’s in private data.

Resize The Formula Bar in Google Sheets

One little tweak has never made me so happy: You can how resize the formula bar in Google Sheets. “Only have view or comment access to a spreadsheet? Previously, it was difficult to read the entire content of a cell containing a large amount of text. With this launch, you can simply click the bottom of the function bar and drag it up or down to make it big enough to see everything within it.”

How to Create Custom Functions in Google Sheets

Ooo: How to create custom functions in Google Sheets. “Google Sheets already has a lot of great features to handle numerical calculations, look-ups, and string manipulation, to name a few. However, you might find yourself needing to build lengthy or complex formulas that are difficult or impossible with the built-in options. If this is you, then you should consider taking the next step and building your own custom functions. This article will demonstrate how to accomplish this using a simple Google Script.”

A Spreadsheet for Things That Aren’t Certain

Oh, how fascinating! A spreadsheet for things that aren’t certain. “The first reaction of many people to uncertain math is to use the same techniques as for certain math. They would either imagine each unknown as an exact mean, or take ‘worst case’ and ‘best case’ scenarios and multiply each one. These two approaches are quite incorrect and produce oversimplified outputs. This is why I’ve made Guesstimate, a spreadsheet that’s as easy to use as existing spreadsheets, but works for uncertain values. For any cell you can enter confidence intervals (lower and upper bounds) that can represent full probability distributions. 5000 Monte Carlo simulations are performed to find the output interval for each equation, all in the browser.”

Charts and Insights in Google Sheets

From Flowing Data Automatic Charts and Insights in Google Sheets. “So you have your data neat and tidy in a single spreadsheet, and it’s finally time to explore. There’s a problem though. Maybe you don’t know what to look for or where to start. Maybe you’re not in the mood for a trip to clicksville to make all those charts. With a new exploration tab, Google Sheets might be a good place to start.”