PRNewswire: Media Marketplace Pond5 Debuts World’s Largest Collection of Licensable Royalty-Free Archival Footage (PRESS RELEASE)

PRNewswire: Media Marketplace Pond5 Debuts World’s Largest Collection of Licensable Royalty-Free Archival Footage (PRESS RELEASE). “Pond5, the world’s leading marketplace for licensing royalty-free footage and other media, today announced the launch of its archival footage collection — the largest of its kind — now available to producers and creative professionals across the globe. Expertly curated by international historians, the new Pond5 Archival Collection is one of the most comprehensive video libraries of historical moments and everyday life from the past 100 years, including rare footage spanning the 20th century, from major global events to authentic scenes of everyday life. Highlights from the collection include stunning footage of World War II, the Space Race, and the 20th century’s most important world leaders. Also featured are a wealth of clips acquired from European footage agency Framepool, ranging from rarely seen historical moments to home video footage of daily life from throughout the decades — much of which is now exclusive to Pond5.”

PRNewswire: Launches Stock Footage Library for Filmmakers (PRESS RELEASE)

PRNewswire: Launches Stock Footage Library for Filmmakers (PRESS RELEASE). “ is proud to announce the launch of its stock footage platform offering low-cost subscription-based HD and 5K footage for independent filmmakers, YouTube video producers, music video producers and video marketers…. All footage features individual actors and characters is model-released and available for use by filmmakers without a need for further licensing fees. Outside/street/scenery footage may feature public and pedestrians and is marked and intended for editorial use.”

Stock Media Site Devoted Entirely to Historical Re-Enactment Footage

I had no idea there was a stock media site just for historic re-enactment footage and images. “With the new website, Producers and researchers are able to browse categories and request on-line digital screeners of the time-coded re-enactment rushes, and immediately ingest the footage for editing. From intimate historical character vignettes to epic large scale battles, all of the historical collections are shot with expert cinematic composition and lighting. Some of these battles include more than 15,000 authentic re-enactors, cannons and hundreds of cavalry.”

New Collection of 1920s – 1950s Stock Footage

A post on Creative COW pointed me to a newly-available set of 1920s-1950s stock footage. “These films were recently discovered amongst my great grandfather’s personally shot footage from the 1920s through late 1950s from all over the world.” There are over 650 clips here, everything from a kid in 1930 turning cartwheels to footage of Japanese carp kites, shot in Japan in 1954, to the deck of a Queen Elizabeth cruise ship in what I’m guessing is the early 1950s. This a pay resource, but you can do a full preview of all the clips.

Protip: if you just mouseover the clips, you’ll get a preview window that doesn’t work if you’ve turned Flash off (and you HAVE turned Flash off, right?) If you click on the clip, you’ll get taken to an information page which plays the clip automatically and doesn’t seem to require Flash.