CNBC: Google founders have sold $1 billion in stock since May, the most since 2017

CNBC: Google founders have sold $1 billion in stock since May, the most since 2017. “Google founders and controlling Alphabet stakeholders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have sold more than $1 billion worth of stock combined since May of this year. Beginning in May, the two sold Class A and Class C shares worth more than $1.07 billion, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission compiled by OpenInsider.”

More C-Level Departures from Twitter Might Hurt Its Stock

All the people leaving Twitter might put a hurting on its stock. “Just weeks after its chief operating officer resigned, the company this week lost two more senior executives, including its chief technology officer. The unexpected departures pummeled the stock (TWTR). Some analysts believe shares, now trading in the $16 range from near $19 a week ago, could retreat to their low, below $14, as investors lose confidence in founder Jack Dorsey. “

Pando Looks at Facebook, Twitter, and Engagement

Pando, which I read every time I can get my little mitts on an unlocked article, takes a look at Twitter. “Morgan Stanley focused on user engagement and found that it isn’t deteriorating on Facebook as a whole, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Facebook Live has stolen some of Twitter’s ‘real time’ thunder, but more to the point, Facebook just has so many ways to win. It has the core site, Messenger which has 1 billion users now, and it’s still got Instagram and WhatsApp. Even if Snapchat is stealing Instagram’s thunder with a certain demographic, that’s only one part of the business. Meantime, Morgan says engagement hasn’t bottomed at Twitter and is still deteriorating.”

Citizen of Scotland Indicted for Twitter-Based Stock Manipulation Scheme

A citizen of Scotland has been indicted for a Twitter-based stock manipulation scheme. “According to the indictment, [James Alan] Craig, 62, of Dunragit, Scotland, alleged set up Twitter accounts using names similar to real market research firms for the purpose of manipulating stock prices. Craig issued tweets with false and fraudulent information about publicly-traded securities, causing the price of the securities to rapidly decline. Craig then bought securities of the targeted companies through his girlfriend’s brokerage account and later sold them at a higher price per security. Craig’s actions are alleged to have caused of more than $1.6 million in losses to shareholders.”