Poynter: This tool makes custom surveys that are actually accurate

Poynter: This tool makes custom surveys that are actually accurate. This article is delivered like a transcript, so let me do a brief quote from one of the participants: “So maybe you’re a journalist in Virginia or New Jersey, and you want to ask people what they want their newly elected politicians to focus on first. Veracio lets you specify a location that you’re focusing on. What’s interesting about this tool to me is it helps give you a better understanding of what you’re hearing and how it compares with a specific population. As we all know, often the people we hear from the most aren’t totally representative of the places we cover.”

Now on iOS: Get paid to share your opinion (Google Blog)

Google Blog: Now on iOS: Get paid to share your opinion. “There’s an old saying—the customer is always right. And certainly, the world’s best companies are always eager to hear directly from customers. That’s one reason we created Google Opinion Rewards, an app that pays people to give their opinions and answer questions from companies, big and small. Today we’re bringing Google Opinion Rewards to iOS.”

Google Announces Google Surveys 360

Google has announced Google Surveys 360. “Now for the first time, marketers of all types can get fast, accurate market research — in combination with their marketing performance and analytics data — to help them make key business decisions at the speed of today’s digital world. Google Surveys 360 makes doing market research as easy as buying an airline ticket with your favorite app. It’s available for purchase today in the U.S and Canada as part of the Analytics 360 Suite.”

Reuters Launches New Poll Response Site for 2016 US Presidential Election

Reuters has launched a new tool for the elections that sounds pretty ambitious. “Powered by the largest presidential tracking poll ever attempted, the new tool shows how each of the candidates’ support in the Reuters/Ipsos poll translates at the state level in the Electoral College and how changes in turnout among demographic and political groups could affect the result. Users are able to adjust turnout of different voter groups themselves to see how that could change who wins and who loses the election.”

WIRED: Want More Accurate Polls? Maybe Ask Twitter

WIRED: Want More Accurate Polls? Maybe Ask Twitter. “Traditional polling methods aren’t working the way they used to. Upstart analytics firms like Civis and conventional pollsters like PPP, Ipsos, and Pew Research Institute have all been hunting for new, more data-centric ways to uncover the will of the whole public, rather than just the tiny slice willing to answer a random call on their landline. The trending solution is to incorporate data mined from the Internet, especially from social media. It’s a crucial, overdue shift. Even though the Internet is a cesspool of trolls, it’s also where millions of Americans go to express opinions that pollsters might not even think to ask about.”

New Information Database for Arkansas Land Surveyors

Land surveyors in Arkansas have a new reference database. “To access the database, visit the Division of Land Surveys website… and click on the “GLO Map” link at the top of the page. A map of Arkansas appears divided into the 1,553 townships. By clicking on any township, a surveyor may access searchable PDF files containing the transcribed field notes for the boundary surveys, re-surveys of the boundaries, original subdivision-surveys, resurveys of the subdivision, and any miscellaneous surveys of that township.”