TechCrunch: Judge dismisses ‘inventor of email’ lawsuit against Techdirt

TechCrunch: Judge dismisses ‘inventor of email’ lawsuit against Techdirt. “A Massachusetts judge has sided with Techdirt, dismissing Shiva Ayyadurai’s $15 million lawsuit against the media company, its founder Mike Masnick and writer Leigh Beadon. The suit centered on Techdirt’s coverage of Ayyadurai’s claim that he is the inventor of email — Masnick’s position on the matter is spelled out pretty clearly in an article titled, ‘Here’s The Truth: Shiva Ayyadurai Didn’t Invent Email.'”

Techdirt: Adobe Asked Google To Censor Techdirt’s Story On How Adobe’s DRM Got Cracked

Another day, another ridiculous (probably automated) attempt to abuse the DMCA. Happily Google wasn’t having it. “Another day, another example of copyright being a tool for censorship. MarkMonitor is one of the largest companies out there in the ‘IP protection’ business — and they also have a decently long history of filing bogus DMCA notices. And in one of its recent ones… they targeted a Techdirt news story. You see, three years ago, our own Tim Cushing wrote a little story about how Adobe launched its Creative Cloud subscription offering and had the DRM on it cracked within 24 hours.”