CNN: FCC seeks record fine against alleged scam operators who made 1 billion robocalls

CNN: FCC seeks record fine against alleged scam operators who made 1 billion robocalls. “The US government is seeking fines of up to $225 million from health insurance telemarketers who allegedly made a billion unwanted robocalls in violation of Federal Communications Commission rules. The record-breaking penalty, announced Tuesday, is the largest proposed fine in FCC history. It targets Texas-based Rising Eagle for allegedly spamming consumers in more than a half-dozen states, including Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas.”

ThreatPost: Telemarketing Firm Leaks 400,000 Recorded Calls

This is an unusual data leak: audio files. “More than 400,000 audio files associated with a Florida company’s telemarketing efforts were stored online in the clear, and were discovered earlier this month by researchers at MacKeeper. More than 17,600 of those audio recordings were customer transactions that included names, addresses, and credit card and CVV information of those called. The discovery was made by the MacKeeper Security Research Center, which said it found 28GB of recordings stored on a server belonging to Vici Marketing.” If you think that’s not a big deal because it’s audio, you don’t know how great transcription software and services has gotten lately…

FCC To Release Phone Numbers of Telemarketers, Robocallers

The FCC has announced (in a DOCX file for some reason, sorry) that it will be releasing phone numbers and telemarketer numbers on a weekly basis. “The Federal Communications Commission announced today the Commission will release robocall and telemarketing consumer complaint data weekly to help developers build and improve ‘do-not-disturb’ technologies that allow consumers to block or filter unwanted calls and texts. The data, including originating phone numbers of telemarketers and automated robocalls, will be released and available on the FCC’s Consumer Help Center’s website.” I look forward to lots of lovely call-blocking solutions being built out of this.