CMX Hub: A Comprehensive List of Tips, Tools, and Examples for Event Organizers During the Coronavirus Outbreak

CMX Hub: A Comprehensive List of Tips, Tools, and Examples for Event Organizers During the Coronavirus Outbreak.”Virtual conferences can be quite powerful, and scale to many thousands of attendees that would be very difficult to gather in-person. And online meetups and roundtables give your members an opportunity to have intimate discussions from the comfort of their home. Are they the same? No. But they do have unique benefits. So while this is a *really* difficult time for a lot of community teams and event organizers, you can also look at this as an opportunity to build your chops on running virtual events. Who knows, you might decide to keep hosting them as a complement to your physical events long after we’ve found a Covid-19 vaccine!”

Torque Magazine Launches New Online Archive

Torque Magazine has launched a new online archive. “The magazine, covering the fastener, tool and related industries, is now published ten times a year – with five in print and five exclusively digital enhanced issues. Both enhanced digital and print issues are available to read online in the new archive….”

TeslaCrypt Developers Shut Down, Release Master Decryption key

The developers behind the TeslaCrypt ransomware have shut down and released the master decryption key. AND! “Now that the decryption key has been made publicly available, this allowed TeslaCrypt expert BloodDolly to update TeslaDecoder to version 1.0 so that it can decrypt version 3.0 and version 4.0 of TeslaCrypt encrypted files. This means that anyone who has TeslasCrypt encrypted files with the .xxx, .ttt, .micro, .mp3, or encrypted files without an extension can now decrypt their files for free!”

Automatic and Intelligent Screenshotting

BetaNews has a writeup on a Windows tool that intelligently and automatically takes screenshots. “Taking regular screenshots of the desktop sounds like a smart way to record what’s happening on your PC. Until you try it, and are left sorting through folders packed with pointless, near-identical images. Automatic Screenshotter is different. It doesn’t just blindly capture images at fixed intervals, but also uses a host of rules and options to ensure it only captures the most relevant screens for you.”