Yeshiva University: Yeshiva University Launches YUTorah App

Yeshiva University: Yeshiva University Launches YUTorah App. “Thanks to the generous support of Marcos and Adina Katz, YU is proud to announce the introduction of the YUTorah app for YUTorah Online, the largest audio Torah website in the world. Users from anywhere in the world will now be able to listen on their mobile devices to more than 180,000 shiurim [lectures] and over 2,000 male and female speakers affiliated with YU.”

Yeshiva University: Data-Driven Torah

Yeshiva University: Data-Driven Torah. “Since the introduction of the Bar Ilan Responsa database a generation ago, much discussion has focused on how accessibility and searchability change the landscape of Torah study and halachic [Jewish legal] decision-making, for better or worse. More recently, a new model has emerged, according to which texts are data, vast sets of individual pieces of information linked in different ways. Two projects can help illustrate where this is headed.”