Wired: ‘Heaven’s Vault’ Is a Rare Videogame About the Art of Translation

Wired: ‘Heaven’s Vault’ Is a Rare Videogame About the Art of Translation. “Heaven’s Vault is about the thrill and uncertainty of lost knowledge—about connecting to the past and to other people. It’s also about something I’ve never seen a videogame tackle in such detail before: the art of translation, of deciphering old languages and actually listening to what they tell us.”

Stepes Announces Live Translation Service For Twitter (PRESS RELEASE)

Wow: Stepes has announced a live translation service for Twitter (PRESS RELEASE). This is human translation, not machine, and as you might imagine it is not free. “The new Twitter API allows Stepes users to link up their Twitter accounts and automatically have their Tweets translated live by human translators and reposted on their official accounts. Users can specify which accounts they want to be translated and set daily limits on spending. Each user will receive a regular report on their social media translation for tracking purposes.”