University of Guelph: U of G’s Genetic Archive Now Open to World

University of Guelph: U of G’s Genetic Archive Now Open to World. “One of the planet’s largest collections of DNA samples – a genetic Noah’s ark held at the University of Guelph representing Canadian creatures from mites to whales — will be made available starting today to researchers worldwide under an international biodiversity project. Throwing open the doors to a massive genetic archive at U of G’s Centre for Biodiversity Genomics (CBG) will provide online access to sample information for universities, government agencies and industry that may help researchers pursue projects ranging from human health to biodiversity, said Jeremy deWaard, the centre’s associate director of collections.”

University of Guelph: U of G Researchers Ensure Access to Nutritional Information for Farmed Fish and Aquatic Organisms

The University of Guelph has created a nutrition information database for the needs of farmed fish and other farmed aquatic organisms. “Although specific nutritional requirements for terrestrial animals like cattle, swine and poultry are well known by the producers who raise them, this is not the case for aquaculture. The sheer number of species in aquaculture means that there is a significant gap in the knowledge of nutritional needs of many farmed fish and aquatic organisms. For three years Prof. Dominique P. Bureau, Department of Animal Biosciences, led a team of researchers and a consortium of academic institutions to collect aquaculture nutritional information and knowledge into a central database. Over 500 aquatic species are farmed throughout globally.”