University of Wisconsin Launches Seed Variety Database

The University of Wisconsin: The Seed Variety Database is Now Live. “Badgerbean is proud to introduce a grower-generated database that will allow you to look up seed varieties with identical genetics. We designed this tool for farmers across the country to help each other find the Seed Varieties they need, when they need them, at the best possible price. Please take a few moments to locate the Variety Lookup tab at the bottom of the badgerbean homepage. Just enter your Seed Variety ID to check if it is already part of the database. If it is, you’re done. If your Seed Variety ID is not yet in the database, please add the information requested—by Variety ID, Company and Brand. Your submissions to the database are—and will remain—anonymous.” It’s not super clear where the database is – look for the form at the bottom of the Badgerbean homepage.