TU Wien: Studying the Big Bang with Artificial Intelligence

TU Wien: Studying the Big Bang with Artificial Intelligence. “It could hardly be more complicated: tiny particles whir around wildly with extremely high energy, countless interactions occur in the tangled mess of quantum particles, and this results in a state of matter known as ‘quark-gluon plasma’. Immediately after the Big Bang, the entire universe was in this state; today it is produced by high-energy atomic nucleus collisions, for example at CERN. Such processes can only be studied using high-performance computers and highly complex computer simulations whose results are difficult to evaluate. Therefore, using artificial intelligence or machine learning for this purpose seems like an obvious idea. Ordinary machine-learning algorithms, however, are not suitable for this task. The mathematical properties of particle physics require a very special structure of neural networks. At TU Wien (Vienna), it has now been shown how neural networks can be successfully used for these challenging tasks […]

Universities Sending Acceptance Letters Via Snapchat

Wow, do I feel old: one university is sending college acceptance letters via Snapchat. “It may be time to say goodbye to getting college letters in the mail — or even those sluggish online portals that require you to hit refresh several times before you get the answer. In a first, high school seniors who applied to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will receive acceptances via Snapchat.”