Findmypast Making Marriage Records Free Until February 15th

Findmypast is making a collection of US marriage records free until February 15th. “n 2016/17, Findmypast will be releasing the largest online collection of US marriage records, spanning centuries of American history and over 100 million ‘I do’s’. As part of this project, Findmypast has launched the first 33 million records of this collection and is offering them to the public for FREE from now until 15 February.”

Database Shows How Canadian Internet Communications May Route Through the US

Canadians! Researchers at the University of Toronto have put together an online database that shows how your Internet communications may move through the United States and therefore be under the jurisdiction of the National Security Agency (NSA) in the US, though they originate in Canada. “The project is also designed to offer Canadians a sense of agency, in that you personally can contribute to the project, adding to the 40,000 internet routes already crowdsourced in the IXmaps database.”

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database to Update

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database is going to expand. “The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, an online database providing information about slaves and slave trading voyages, will soon expand to include information about intra-American slave trade as well as have a new accessibility….This new project aims to add in-depth information about individual slaves to the database’s catalogue of information regarding voyages, the number of slaves on the voyages, where the voyages landed and more.”