Ubergizmo: Google Voice VoIP Calling Is Being Rolled Out To Users

Ubergizmo: Google Voice VoIP Calling Is Being Rolled Out To Users. “Last year Google had begun testing out a WiFi calling feature for Google Voice. For those wondering about the state of that feature, you might be pleased to learn that Google has recently confirmed that the feature is now being rolled out to users, where they expect that all Google Voice users should be able to access the VoIP call feature next week.”

Typing While Skyping? Watch Out for Audio Snooping

Do you type while you’re on a Skype call? You could be vulnerable to audio snooping. “According to a paper from researchers at the University of California, Irvine; the Sapienza University of Rome; and the University of Padua, the sound of keystrokes, or acoustic emanations, can be recorded during a Skype voice or video call and later reassembled as text.”

Google Getting Into Telephone Service?

Hmm… speaking of Google, is Google Fiber going to expand into phone services? “Google Fiber is sending out invitations to an experimental telephone service for some of its high-speed Internet subscribers, according to two people who have received the invitation. The service, known as Google Fiber Phone, closely resembles another Google product, Google Voice.” This’ll be good news for everybody who has been worrying that Google might axe Google Voice.