Register to Vote With Snapchat

Hey! You can now register to vote for Snapchat. (At least in the US.) “Snapchat has embedded TurboVote promo videos between the Stories and Discover pages of the app, which you can access by swiping left on the main Snapchat screen after opening the app.”

Google Wants to Help You Get Out There and Vote

Google is providing more information on how to vote in the US. “As the U.S. prepares to head to the polls, we’re making it easier than ever for everyone to participate in the political process. Last month, we made it simpler for people to register to vote. Now, we’re taking this a step further and introducing a brand new, state-by-state guide for people looking for information on how to vote in November. We’re also sharing some search trends to track the engagement and interest of American voters around the party conventions.”

Google Fixes Its Presidential Candidate Display Problem

Google has fixed its little candidate problem. “According to Google, the omissions were the result of a ‘technical bug’ in the Knowledge Graph, the massive information-mapping system that provides the top results bar under many fact-based searches. ‘Only the presidential candidates participating in an active primary election were appearing in a Knowledge Graph result,’ a Google spokesperson said in a statement. ‘Because the Republican and Libertarian primaries have ended, those candidates did not appear. This bug was resolved early this morning.’” Wasn’t the Libertarian primary in May? Why would this come up now? Not accusing anybody of anything, just confused.

The Fight For Women’s Voting Rights in Tennessee: New Archive

The state of Tennessee has launched a new online archive about the fight for women’s voting rights in that state. “This online collection about the suffrage movement, drawn from the many documents and photographs stored at Library & Archives, includes papers from prominent pro-suffrage lobbyist Carrie Chapman Catt, anti-suffrage lobbyist Josephine A. Pearson and Governor Albert H. Roberts, as well as letters, telegrams, political cartoons, broadsides, photographs and three audio clips. In all, the online collection already has more than 100 items and more will be added as the 100th anniversary of the suffrage vote approaches.”

Susan B. Anthony Artifacts Go Online

The artifacts of US suffragette Susan B. Anthony have gone online. “Thousands of people visit the Susan B Anthony House and Museum in Rochester each year. They come from all across the U.S. and around the world. But starting this week for the first time, anyone with access to a computer or a smartphone can view more than 30 artifacts from Susan B Anthony’s life and the women’s suffrage movement, thanks to a partnership between the Anthony Museum and the Google Cultural Institute.”

Twitter Reminding British Citizens to Register to Vote Before Deadline

You may remembering me mentioning it last month when the state of California revealed that having Facebook remind its citizens about voter registration was a great success. Now Twitter wants to encourage British citizens to register before deadline in order to vote on the possibility of leaving the EU. “To remind people to get off their arses and register to vote before Tuesday’s midnight deadline, Twitter and the Electoral Commission have created a neon tick emoji that’ll appear when you type ‘#EURefReady’ from today.”

Facebook Reminder Leads to Voter Registration Surge in California

Facebook’s voter registration push in California was apparently a huge success. “California Secretary of State Alex Padilla reported today that there were nearly 200,000 completed transactions on the California Secretary of State’s online voter registration website on Monday, May 16 and Tuesday, May 17. This spike coincided with a new Facebook effort to facilitate voter registration in California. On Monday, May 16, 2016, Californians who logged into their Facebook accounts began receiving a reminder to register to vote through a link appearing at the top of their News Feed. The results were stunning.”

Google Voting?

Google has submitted a patent for a real-time voting system. “The system is titled ‘Social Voting-Based Campaigns in Search’ and it’d let users submit one or more votes in a voting-based campaign. It would also gather and display related social content from different platforms.”