Rumor: Snapchat’s Buying Vurb

Is Snapchat buying Vurb? Is THAT what’s happening? “Snapchat Inc. is in the process of acquiring the personalized search app [Bobby] Lo created, people familiar with the matter said Monday. Los Angeles’ highest-valued tech company would spend more than $100 million in cash and stock to purchase the 5-year-old San Francisco start-up Verbify Inc., said a source unauthorized to speak publicly about the deal. The transaction hasn’t been finalized, multiple sources said.”

Is Snapchat Gonna Buy Vurb?

Whaaaaat? Is Snapchat gonna buy Vurb? “Founded in 2011, Vurb has sought to take data from several different smartphone apps and give users a single hub to plan where to dine and party and how to entertain themselves.For example, Vurb can help people save time when choosing a movie to watch because it places reviewer scores from aggregator services IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes side by side.”