Vox: Why it’s so hard to find dumbbells in the US

Vox: Why it’s so hard to find dumbbells in the US. “On lucky days, my friend Andrew drops a dumbbell alert in my Slack group chat. He tells us which sites — Rogue, SPRI, NordicTrack, Bowflex — have them in stock, which are shipping, and what kinds of weights are available. If you get to his messages five minutes late, the weights are almost always sold out.”

“Dinnie Steens” Scotland Lifting Stones to Get Online Database

Today I learned there were such things as Scottish lifting stones. And I also learned that there are some people who go around the world picking up these stones and putting them down. (You can read more about lifting stones here.) Finally, I learned that a very famous pair of these lifting stones is getting an online database. “Weighing just shy of 770lbs collectively, they have long been regarded by strongmen – since the days of Donald Dinnie – as the most famous of the Scottish lifting stones. And now, the son of the first man to recreate the legendary Birse athlete’s feat of strength on the banks of the River Dee has created an online database dedicated to the history of the ‘Dinnie Steens’.”