Facebook top choice for Philippines wildlife traders: monitor (The Independent)

The Independent: Facebook top choice for Philippines wildlife traders: monitor. “Facebook has emerged as the top site for wildlife trafficking in the Philippines, a watchdog said Friday, with thousands of endangered crocodiles, snakes and turtles illegally traded in just three months. Monitoring network TRAFFIC said Facebook had not done enough to shut down the trade, which saw more than 5,000 reptiles from 115 species put up for sale on its discussion groups from June to August 2016 alone.”

New to Me: Primate Films Database

New to me: the Primate Films Database. From the homepage: “The Primate Films Database includes information about films featuring wild primates produced since the beginning of the twentieth century. The database contains entries for films (including feature films), TV specials, TV series, and single episodes of series. Currently the Primate Films Database focuses on films in which the main focus is on primates in wild settings, but it may be expanded in the future to include more films focusing on captive primates. The database includes general information about each film such as runtime, the featured species, and the narrator or host. A brief review of each film is also provided which focuses on the film’s usefulness in teaching and educational settings.” The database is available in its entirety as an 82-page PDF.

EWT: New online database could reduce poisonous threat to vultures

Endangered Wildlife Trust: New online database could reduce poisonous threat to vultures. “The EWT has been collecting data on wildlife poisoning since 1995 and has now joined forces with The Peregrine Fund to assess the scope and impact of this critical threat to vultures and other wildlife species across Africa. In partnership with the Vulture Specialist Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission, we have collated all historical and current incidents of wildlife poisoning into the African Wildlife Poisoning Database or AWPD, which will be launched on 2 September 2017 to mark International Vulture Awareness Day. So far, this database contains records of 272 poisoning incidents that have killed over 8,000 animals of 40 different species, from 15 countries.”

Iowa State University: Easy Access to Wildlife Experts Available with Online Tool

Iowa State University: Easy Access to Wildlife Experts Available with Online Tool. “Wildlife is everywhere in Iowa. As farmers and landowners across the state encounter this wildlife, questions of how to manage and care for animals bubble to the surface. The wildlife program with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has created a new application to help Iowans find local contacts to help provide answers. The online application consolidates contact information for natural resource professionals in all corners of the state.” Quickly reviewing the “Wildlife Conflict Resolution” category, it looks like this site provides both government and non-government resources. Hall’s Critter Gitters! Big Papa’s Nuisance Wildlife Control!