Saigon Times: Hawa launches database of legal wood

Saigon Times: Hawa launches database of legal wood. “The Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of HCMC (Hawa) rolled out a website on January 18… known as Vietnam’s Legal Wood Database, to support enterprises in searching for all varieties of wood in the country and assisting those selling wooden products.”

Romania Launches New Site To Fight Illegal Logging (PRESS RELEASE)

The government of Romania has launched a new site to fight against illegal logging (PRESS RELEASE.) “The ‘Forest Inspector’ portal allows users to view ongoing and historical data about all timber transports in Romania. This new interface builds upon a series of previous government initiatives. In 2014, Romania’s government created a hotline where citizens could call to check if logging trucks seen on Romania’s roads were officially registered. Public statistics show that a quarter of all phone calls since 2014 identified illegal trucks. A mobile app version introduced in 2016 led to a 30% increase in the number of trucks registering official transport documents, which would seem to indicate a dramatic decrease in the number of log trucks illegally transporting timber.”

Database of Lesser Known Timber Species (LKTS)

Now available with a slant toward builders and architects: a database of lesser-known timber species (LKTS). “The website allows users to search through more than 200 species and 50 case studies of current applications of LKTS (and will be constantly updated as new cases and data become available), providing inspiration and guidance for architects and designers looking to use wood in their projects. The database gives technical descriptions of the capabilities of each species, as well as their practical applications and examples of existing projects in which they have been used. By making this information publicly available, FCS Denmark hopes that designers will begin to employ a more diverse selection of wood types as an alternative to the more well-known ones.” The number of countries available in the database is limited but I found plenty of use cases.

Vermont Launches New Tool To Map Wood-Related Products and Services

Citizens of Vermont have a new tool to find wood-related products and services in their state. “The Vermont Forest and Wood Products Online Directory is an interactive map of many of the wood and forest related businesses and resources in the state. The tool can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including to find a nearby forester or a kiln that dries a particular type of wood. The map is linked to the Working Lands website as well as that of the Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation.” The map includes links to educational programs, firewood dealers, and schools using wood chips.