The Atlantic: Google X and the Science of Radical Creativity

The Atlantic: Google X and the Science of Radical Creativity. “The setting is X, the so-called moonshot factory at Alphabet, the parent company of Google. And the scene is not the beginning of some elaborate joke. The people in this room have a particular talent: They dream up far-out answers to crucial problems. The dearth of housing in crowded and productive coastal cities is a crucial problem. Oceanic residences are, well, far-out. At the group’s invitation, I was proposing my own moonshot idea, despite deep fear that the group would mock it.”

Google X is Now Just X

Google X is apparently just X, now. “In many ways, X will be Alphabet in miniature — sprouting out startups, only with its particular focus on hardware, something Google proper has not done well. As an incubator and standalone company, X may need to be more judicious and leaner than it once was.”